A letter to me

Dear self-pitying Fran,

Snap out of it.

So what if you feel alone. How can you feel alone? You have a tiny person growing inside of you. Your little son or daughter is in there.

She/he needs you to be strong for them . You are going to be a role model.

Do you realise how lucky you are? You have friends who would kill to be in your position. To be pregnant and passing on genes to someone.You’ve seen how difficult it could have been. You have been blessed.

And here is you sitting there wondering if you have any friends.

Of course you have friends, they have lives you know. It’s not all about you.

You’ve seen some friends just recently, you’ve booked up to see some others.

Christmas is a time to get re-connected, do it.

Next year is going to so amazing.

Think about that.

Don’t worry about work. Your Maternity leave will soon be here and then you’ll have loads of new mums to play with.

Do your work, get home and forget about it.

It’s their loss anyway.

Now, lets wallow for a little while and move on.

That’s enough.

Go for a walk and shake this off. You are so much better and worth so much more.

And now, for a change, listen to what I have said. Sometimes, I do make sense.

And stop worrying about weight. Enjoy the extra pounds, it’s giving you a curve you’ve never had before and its all for a great reason.

It will be hard at times, but it is going to be worth it.


Me xo


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