Bump = Cub

I’ve had a few queries as to why I call my bump ‘Cub’.

Here is the reason why. It’s not THAT interesting but you wanted to know…

When me and Pete first got together, he was not the tactile person he is today. I am very tactile and think nothing of kisses and hugs for everyone. It’s the Mediterranean in me I’m sure. I was brought up in a family where you didn’t hide emotions, be it anger or love. Pete was brought up in a family that was the complete opposite.

It was difficult at first, even hand holding was awkward; but after time, I wore him down and now it is like second nature. Whenever we even sit next to each other, at least one part of us is touching (not in an explicit way).

Pete’s nickname (amongst many others) is Bearhug. He got this moniker by me asking for a big hug (I was trying to get him to be more huggy) and he gave me the biggest hug I have ever gotten. It was like something clicked and he just knew how to hug – y’know, without the  half-hearted grasp with a pat on the back hugs you get from people who find hugging VERY difficult.

And there it was, Bearhug. Ever since then, that is how he hugs me and everyone else who cares for a hug. Its wonderful.

So seeing as he is my bear (he is big like a bear as well as hugs like one) it seems only fitting that once we found out I was pregnant, it would be called Cub. And I’m not averse to being called Mama Bear. Although, I don’t think I’m built like one….yet.

I had one friend who told me she called her bump by a name they would never would have chosen as a Christian name for the baby, therefore for 9 months the bump was known as….Bosworth.

So there you go and now you know.


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