This time next year…

My dear Cub,

I’ve not written to you in a little while.

But I’ve not needed to; we have our little chats everyday.

I tell you about my day, what we will be doing and how much I love you.

You are moving quite a bit now. What started out as little flutters, are getting to be harder kicks and prods.

Soon it wont just be me who gets to experiences this. Daddy thought he felt you the other day and in a couple of weeks I am sure he will feel your little foot trying to get out.

I’m sad that it wont just be me getting to feel you move. This is a great comfort to me. It makes me realise that you are real and you are growing all the time. I like to think you are doing this to get my attention. Pulling on the umbilical cord to let me know you are hungry.

But, I am pleased that soon we can share your movements with others, because it is truly magical, and something that we shouldn’t hide from others.

Your bump is quite the hand magnet. We are big enough to prove that I am pregnant with you now and not in the awkward fat phase. We always get a seat on the tube.

All the love your bump gets, shows me how much you will be loved when you finally arrive. You will be spoilt so much with gifts but more importantly you will be spoilt with love.

You are 22 weeks now. You will be 23 weeks on Boxing Day, your unofficial first Christmas.

Me and Daddy already have big plans for next year. We are not wishing your life away Cub, we just can’t wait to have a whole year of ‘first’s’ with you.

I got a Christmas Card from you via Daddy. It made me cry. But happy tears, because I still can’t believe you are going to be here soon.

Christmas was my buffer zone for our pregnancy, I knew that once Christmas was over and New Year was here, it would only be a few weeks before you got here.

Its Christmas Eve, Eve…the buffer is ebbing away.

Soon, it will be 2011; Your year.

This time next year…you’ll be here.

Keep growing strong, my Cub


Mama xo


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