23 Weeks

Sunday (Boxing Day) marked me being 23 weeks in my pregnancy.

I have had a definite growth spurt in the last couple of weeks and with the growth spurt, there has been more and more movement from Cub.

So much so, that on Boxing Day, Cub kicked so hard that EVERYONE saw.

Attention seeker already. Just like their Mama.

Pete has also had the pleasure of feeling a little kick, as well as a nudge to the back when I was spooning him the other day.

Footballer in the making…maybe.

Christmas has allowed me to be naughty with my eating and Cub likes all sweet things (I am a savoury person by nature, so this is weird for me) but We have tried to be healthy (as you can be) this Christmas. I cooked Christmas dinner for 8 and it went without a hitch and without it being saturated in fat.


But the dreaded Gestational Diabetes test is looming on the 10th Jan, and I know that all I am eating now is not going to make much difference to the outcome, I am still being cautious.

I say this as I am eating another chocolate from the M&S box I got as a gift.

But, If I do have *whispers* diabetes, we will deal with it.

Now, for the picture you are all wanting to see, Mama Crimp at 23 weeks:

Oh my word, look at the chubby arm. My Mum says my Nan had chubby arms so I have her to thank for that.

And I block out an entire Christmas tree.

Told you I had a growth spurt.

And I still beat you all in the booty stakes.


One thought on “23 Weeks

  1. So cute 🙂 Best of luck for the diabetes test!

    Your family’s so lucky they got to see a kick. My bump goes all quiet when I *want* her to perform! Hard-headed little thing!! x

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