Pete’s View

This post is part of ‘Dad Week’ here on the blog. You can find other posts, here and here

I’ve handed over the reigns to Pete today, to let you all know how he feels about impending Fatherhood.

Dad? that means me…….?
Time to step up boy, it’s that penalty to win the World cup. That touchdown throw to win the super bowl. Things I’ve dreamt of since my childhood.
Now they seem small fry when you compare them to the fact I’m gonna be a Dad.Your Dad!

Daunting, surreal, overwhelming. All words you would normally associate with any 1st time dad to be, but I must have missed that memo, not gonna lie and say that I’m not nervous, I would be really worried if I wasn’t.

The one word that sums up my emotions is anticipation. Every thought I have, or vision I have at the moment is of me doing stuff with my Cub.

  • Telling Mummy you’re a boy/girl
  • Sitting up early morning feeds trying to explain what and who is on the TV
  • Having you in the buggy or in the carrier, doing the proud Dad conversation with strangers
  • Rushing home from work to new mumbles and stumbles
  • Being your little teacher
  • Taking you to mine and Mummy’s favourite picnic area
  • Mummy and me already have places in the world we want to show you, some near and some not so near

This list is pretty much never-ending, and that is a wonderful feeling.

Every Dad has this dream of their children going on to be amazing sportsman/woman, writers, doctors or even smaller dreams like prime minister one day.

Just be you!

And I will be proudest man alive.
The thought of becoming a parent does odd things to people, I’m finding out. Mummy has her nesting and sudden bout of extra superstitions, me I have my beard, yes I am trying to grow a beard, I won’t lie it’s not the bushiest and there are definite grey patches, so the chances are that as projects go, this one could be short-lived.

When I say being your little teacher. I think to be truthful this will be one massive learning curve for both me and you, but what a fun time we will have.

So I guess I better stop the ramblings, but let me just end with one thing.

Cub there is one thing I will not need to learn or find out about from a book, and that is how to give my undivided time and love for you, and of course for mummy.

My own little family

Dad? That is me.



This post is part of ‘Dad Week’, here on the blog

I don’t remember either of my Grandad’s. Both died within a month of each other the same year my Dad died.

Yea, that was a shit year.

They get spoken about a lot, and there are many pictures but it’s not the same as having them around.

Cub will only have one grandad around. I’ve already written about My Dad.

Pete’s Dad has finished treatment for throat cancer in the Summer. The treatment being complete removal of his larynx.

He is now cancer free, but also voice free.

It’s actually heartbreaking that Cub will never hear the voice of man who on one hand is the most stubborn man you will meet, coupled with a man who actually loves very deeply.

I sometimes wonder if its worse that he wont hear him rather than not having a Grandad at all. I know Pete’s Dad probably had thought the same.

It’s a stupid thing to say, but you do wonder about it.

But, we are so lucky that he is here. We so very nearly lost him. The alternative was a life sentence. It would’ve meant that Cub would’ve had no Grandad.

The wonderful thing about it all is that Cub will know no different. The other Grandchildren were weary at first, knowing only a Grandad that could speak. Cub wont need to feel worried, because what’s to be scared of when all you know is a Grandad who talks to you via kisses and cuddles.

It will probably make them closer. They might even develop there own language in time. It wont matter that Granddad wont be able to talk.

I’m sad that Cub wont hear from the Man of few words, but he is still going to have an amazing Grandfather.

Your Grandad and your Auntie Tracy – Feb 2010

Your Daddy

This post is part of ‘Dad Week’ on the blog.

Dear Cub,

One day you will look back at these posts and wonder what your Mama was on.

Love, honey. Simply love.

When I met your Dad, fell in love with your Dad; I really didn’t think I was capable of loving anyone any more than I love him.

And now we are having you, my love has changed. I don’t love him any less, but the difference in love is amazing.

My love for you is nurturing, protecting and wanting to look make sure nothing will ever hurt you. I’m doing it Cub, I’m loving someone as much as I love your Dad. And it is surprisingly easy.

I see a difference in your Dad.

He has changed from being scared to be around a baby to not being able to wait to give you your first cuddles.

He can’t wait to put you in your sling and take you for a walk. Personally I think it is because he knows the attention it will bring to all from all the ladies. We are a sucker for a man with a baby.

He wants nothing more than to lay you on our bed on a Sunday morning and let you try to find your feet, while we have a cup of tea and watch Something for the Weekend.

He’s making plans for you to visit Mama’s work when I go back. Little surprise trips to make my day.

He is wanting to do a night feed when the NY Giants are playing, just so he can talk to you about American football, play by-play. Of course, you will both be wearing your Jersey’s.

He is going to kiss you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

He actually gets excited at the thought of you being here. He does his little hand rub when he thinks its only a few weeks away. I am sure this is a habit you will pick up on. It is a ‘Crimp’ thing, for sure.

Cub, he is falling in love with someone else, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

And I am so happy about that, I could cry.
Keep growing strong, My Cub.
All my love,

Your Mama x

27 Weeks

We have now reached week 27 in the pregnancy. Yikes!

We found out this week that my gestational diabetes test results came back and I am ‘within normal limits’. For now. Whatever that means, it’s not worrying anyone enough to call me back. *whinge moan whinge*

So, I thought in a change from me showing off my bump (to be honest, there hasn’t been too much growth change this week except my arse size) I would show off my Husband, Pete, Cub’s Dad.


This is Pete’s food baby, Marcus.

This week we have another Parent craft class and yet more work, work, work.

This week also mark’s ‘Dad week‘ here on the blog, so look out for a couple of posts on Cub’s Dad and My Dad.

Be warned they maybe soppy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

After writing ‘Traits‘ yesterday, it got me thinking about what I wanted to be when I was younger.

Other than be She-ra (what, she was all the rage when I was a kid), I always wanted to own a little bookshop.

Imagine if you will, the little bookshop in ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

A smallish shop, with wooden ornate shelves stacked with every book you could want, piled up from floor to ceiling.

As soon as you walk through the belled door, you get that wonderful smell of books waiting to be read. It’s a combined smell of the old 2nd hand books and the fresh new ones.

I would have a little corner for children to come listen to stories and to be allowed to indulge in their imaginations for a while.

I would make sure every child had a book to take with them, just so they didn’t have to rely on a kindle or iPad and really appreciate the printed word.

That’s right, I always wanted to be the British Kathleen Kelly.

It’s weird how as you grow up and start actually living a life, earning money for the first time or go travelling; your dream you had when you was younger changes or in some cases disappears completely.

I wouldn’t change the circumstances in my life now for anything (apart from my job) . But I still have that dream of owning my own little book shop.

It might not do so well in the digital age, but what use are dreams if they are easy to achieve.

So, go on, indulge me. Tell me what you wanted to be when you were younger.

Did you achieve your dream or are you still seeking it out?

Would love to hear your thoughts…


Will you have blue eyes or brown?

Will you be able to roll your tongue like your Mama?

Will you rub your feet on one another like your Daddy?

I hope you don’t have any of my angst that I carry around. Worrying about the slightest thing.

I hope your like your Daddy and take it as it comes, dealing with whatever is thrown at you.

I hope you have Daddy’s way with numbers and my passion to write.

Will you be a dreamer, like me, going into your own little world?

Will you bite your thumbs like Daddy or chew your lips like Mama?

Will you demolish a packet of biscuits or have more of a penchant for cheese?

I hope you will be happy in your new home.

I hope you will get everything you want out of your life.

I have high hopes for you, my Cub.

I know we will love you with all our hearts.

I know we can’t wait to meet you.

26 Weeks

26 Weeks today.

We’ve done a lot this week.

Diabetes test, I went back to work and we started to accumulate items for Cub’s nursery.

No results from diabetes test yet (grr), work is OK and I’m dealing with the constant ache and the fear of buying things for Cub has been taken over by wanting to buy EVERYTHING for Cub. Husband and credit card are giving me shifty eyes…


We also reached the ‘100 days to due date’ mark. We are now down to 98 days.

We also learnt about my Maternity leave and what money you are expected to live on. Great. I’ve moaned enough about it on twitter and we will have to tighten belts and unfortunately I will have to go to work sooner than I wanted, but – IT WILL BE OK.

And I have to keep reminding myself of that.

So who wants to see a chubby Mama?

From the side:


From the front – WOWZERS!


And for @accidentallykle, Mama and Cub:

I see you over there admiring my dress/top. It’s nice isn’t it. @shaunamarshall suggested this little number from H&M. It is comfy, stretchy, gorgeous and it was a bargain at only £3.99. And I am super happy that I could buy it in a medium and it FITS!

Obviously it accentuates the junk in my trunk, but as long as Pete likes it, I *guess* I don’t mind…much.

Tomorrow, we start out Parent Craft classes and other than that, it is work, work, work.

14 weeks to go…