The first week of the New Year has been a toughie.

Pete has been poorly with a nasty cold which subsequently threw his back out. Cue Diclofenac  induced night fevers and this Mama having little sleep looking after her big baby.

I also have had, since Tuesday night, severe pain in my left hip/lower back and pelvic area, which was so bad it woke me up.

After tackling guilt about taking time off work because I was in so much pain, I then had to deal with a non-responding Midwife and unhelpful Maternity department.

All I ask is that, if you are on leave, just put that on your voice-mail letting your patients know you are not available.

It’s the little things, y’know.

However, I can’t thank NHS direct enough and also my GP for putting my mind at rest.

All I needed to know was that the pain was normal and treatable and not affecting my Cub. I can deal with any pain as long as it doesn’t affect my baby.

I want to thank the support I have received from the Twitter Mum’s and Mum’s to be. I’ve been a little crazy, and they have been so reassuring.

And as always, My Pete has been brilliant.

So swimming, yoga and physio, here I come.


2 thoughts on “Toughie

  1. Shauna says:

    Glad NHS direct helped, they can be fab sometimes! hope you’re resting, you shouldn’t feel guilty for time off work either. i detested work this pregnancy, i got signed off twice [2weeks each time] i was so sick and exhausted, but the guilt made it worse.
    Here’s to your hip/pelvis pain disappearing, and us getting waffles when we all meet in the summer 😀 yumyumyum xxx

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