26 Weeks

26 Weeks today.

We’ve done a lot this week.

Diabetes test, I went back to work and we started to accumulate items for Cub’s nursery.

No results from diabetes test yet (grr), work is OK and I’m dealing with the constant ache and the fear of buying things for Cub has been taken over by wanting to buy EVERYTHING for Cub. Husband and credit card are giving me shifty eyes…


We also reached the ‘100 days to due date’ mark. We are now down to 98 days.

We also learnt about my Maternity leave and what money you are expected to live on. Great. I’ve moaned enough about it on twitter and we will have to tighten belts and unfortunately I will have to go to work sooner than I wanted, but – IT WILL BE OK.

And I have to keep reminding myself of that.

So who wants to see a chubby Mama?

From the side:


From the front – WOWZERS!


And for @accidentallykle, Mama and Cub:

I see you over there admiring my dress/top. It’s nice isn’t it. @shaunamarshall suggested this little number from H&M. It is comfy, stretchy, gorgeous and it was a bargain at only £3.99. And I am super happy that I could buy it in a medium and it FITS!

Obviously it accentuates the junk in my trunk, but as long as Pete likes it, I *guess* I don’t mind…much.

Tomorrow, we start out Parent Craft classes and other than that, it is work, work, work.

14 weeks to go…



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