What do you want to be when you grow up?

After writing ‘Traits‘ yesterday, it got me thinking about what I wanted to be when I was younger.

Other than be She-ra (what, she was all the rage when I was a kid), I always wanted to own a little bookshop.

Imagine if you will, the little bookshop in ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

A smallish shop, with wooden ornate shelves stacked with every book you could want, piled up from floor to ceiling.

As soon as you walk through the belled door, you get that wonderful smell of books waiting to be read. It’s a combined smell of the old 2nd hand books and the fresh new ones.

I would have a little corner for children to come listen to stories and to be allowed to indulge in their imaginations for a while.

I would make sure every child had a book to take with them, just so they didn’t have to rely on a kindle or iPad and really appreciate the printed word.

That’s right, I always wanted to be the British Kathleen Kelly.

It’s weird how as you grow up and start actually living a life, earning money for the first time or go travelling; your dream you had when you was younger changes or in some cases disappears completely.

I wouldn’t change the circumstances in my life now for anything (apart from my job) . But I still have that dream of owning my own little book shop.

It might not do so well in the digital age, but what use are dreams if they are easy to achieve.

So, go on, indulge me. Tell me what you wanted to be when you were younger.

Did you achieve your dream or are you still seeking it out?

Would love to hear your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom. That’s the only thing that was set in stone.

    I worried terribly that I wouldn’t be able to have babies. Mostly, for no real reason.I just figured since I wanted it so bad, of course it wouldn’t work out for me. (Stupid logic, huh?)

    I love the idea of that bookstore. I would so come to it, buy a book, enjoy the smell. My sister would move IN to the store. You;d have a tough go of getting her to leave. That’s her dream, too. 🙂

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