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I don’t remember either of my Grandad’s. Both died within a month of each other the same year my Dad died.

Yea, that was a shit year.

They get spoken about a lot, and there are many pictures but it’s not the same as having them around.

Cub will only have one grandad around. I’ve already written about My Dad.

Pete’s Dad has finished treatment for throat cancer in the Summer. The treatment being complete removal of his larynx.

He is now cancer free, but also voice free.

It’s actually heartbreaking that Cub will never hear the voice of man who on one hand is the most stubborn man you will meet, coupled with a man who actually loves very deeply.

I sometimes wonder if its worse that he wont hear him rather than not having a Grandad at all. I know Pete’s Dad probably had thought the same.

It’s a stupid thing to say, but you do wonder about it.

But, we are so lucky that he is here. We so very nearly lost him. The alternative was a life sentence. It would’ve meant that Cub would’ve had no Grandad.

The wonderful thing about it all is that Cub will know no different. The other Grandchildren were weary at first, knowing only a Grandad that could speak. Cub wont need to feel worried, because what’s to be scared of when all you know is a Grandad who talks to you via kisses and cuddles.

It will probably make them closer. They might even develop there own language in time. It wont matter that Granddad wont be able to talk.

I’m sad that Cub wont hear from the Man of few words, but he is still going to have an amazing Grandfather.

Your Grandad and your Auntie Tracy – Feb 2010


3 thoughts on “Grandad

  1. Victoria marks says:

    That’s beautiful ~ they will definitely communicate in their own special code and have a stronger bond than ever because of it xx

  2. Cub could learn sign language if you are so inclined to teach him/her.

    Babies can start to sign quite early, and makes communicating a lot easier. 🙂

    I’m sure they’ll have a great relationship regardless. 🙂

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