Pete’s View

This post is part of ‘Dad Week’ here on the blog. You can find other posts, here and here

I’ve handed over the reigns to Pete today, to let you all know how he feels about impending Fatherhood.

Dad? that means me…….?
Time to step up boy, it’s that penalty to win the World cup. That touchdown throw to win the super bowl. Things I’ve dreamt of since my childhood.
Now they seem small fry when you compare them to the fact I’m gonna be a Dad.Your Dad!

Daunting, surreal, overwhelming. All words you would normally associate with any 1st time dad to be, but I must have missed that memo, not gonna lie and say that I’m not nervous, I would be really worried if I wasn’t.

The one word that sums up my emotions is anticipation. Every thought I have, or vision I have at the moment is of me doing stuff with my Cub.

  • Telling Mummy you’re a boy/girl
  • Sitting up early morning feeds trying to explain what and who is on the TV
  • Having you in the buggy or in the carrier, doing the proud Dad conversation with strangers
  • Rushing home from work to new mumbles and stumbles
  • Being your little teacher
  • Taking you to mine and Mummy’s favourite picnic area
  • Mummy and me already have places in the world we want to show you, some near and some not so near

This list is pretty much never-ending, and that is a wonderful feeling.

Every Dad has this dream of their children going on to be amazing sportsman/woman, writers, doctors or even smaller dreams like prime minister one day.

Just be you!

And I will be proudest man alive.
The thought of becoming a parent does odd things to people, I’m finding out. Mummy has her nesting and sudden bout of extra superstitions, me I have my beard, yes I am trying to grow a beard, I won’t lie it’s not the bushiest and there are definite grey patches, so the chances are that as projects go, this one could be short-lived.

When I say being your little teacher. I think to be truthful this will be one massive learning curve for both me and you, but what a fun time we will have.

So I guess I better stop the ramblings, but let me just end with one thing.

Cub there is one thing I will not need to learn or find out about from a book, and that is how to give my undivided time and love for you, and of course for mummy.

My own little family

Dad? That is me.


2 thoughts on “Pete’s View

  1. Tears in my eyes reading that, it’s easy to feel all those emotions but difficult to put in words, I really admire that you did, this baby is going to be very lucky

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