32 Weeks

Its been tough this week. The pain in my hip is still there but I am trying not to moan about it.

Work has been very busy, but this week I made the decision to start my maternity leave one week sooner, purely because…well…I think we (Me and Cub) deserve it.

I told my boss how I felt and although nothing has changed, it made me feel better to let her know.

We also have a meeting on Tuesday to go over things and I am going to ask about being part-time and some other stuff.

But, that is all boring, and I know you are only over here to check out one thing….CUB BUMP!



It’s not a beach ball, I promise!


Oh Yea baby!


So, here is to being 32 weeks and here is to 5 weeks left at work.



I miss you

I miss that tiny espresso cup of coffee.

I miss you, Salami and Serrano ham that I would occasionally pilfer from the fridge.

I miss you, room temperature Camembert and Brie.

I miss lying on my back to sleep. And to think of England.

I miss getting out of the bath on my own.

I miss my savoury palette, the Cub prefers sweet things.

But even though I have had to forego some things, it’s all for the best thing in the world.

This post was inspired by Accidentally Kle

Photo credit – craftsmeninthewood.co.uk

30 Weeks

I’ve been slacking with these the last few weeks….

On Sunday we reached 30 weeks – less than 10 weeks to go!

Now for the bump pictures….please be kind as I was wearing leggings and after looking at these pictures, they are a very unforgiving piece of clothing!

It was slummy Sunday in our house obviously….

Mama and Cub from the side:

Mama and Cub from the front:

My Cub is getting all big and is about the size of a head of lettuce and about 3.2lbs…

The nursery is well under way now; we are going to get the cot this weekend and add finishing touches to the room. It’s no longer the spare room, but Cub’s room.

I am so bloody chuffed we’ve got here. We are getting there.

7 things about me…

I have been tagged by Something Blue in a meme, to reveal seven secrets about me and then tag fifteen others who I’d like to know more about.

1. I once convinced my Husband that I used to go out with the singer James Morrison. I said that he used to go to my school and we dated as teenagers.

I’m not sure what’s worse, him believing me or me being such a good fibber?

2. I wrote to Jimmy Saville on Jim’ll Fix it, to see if he would ‘Fix it for me’ to be in a Take That video. He did not. The geriatric bastard.

3. When I was about 6 years old, at my Niece’s birthday party, they had a video camera to film the baby walking around. Cue a very bored 6-year-old jumping up to dance to Timmy Mallet’s Itsy Bitsy Teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and it being caught on said camera. Complete with arm movements and horrendous hair.

This tape is still around and will haunt me for the rest of my life.

4. My one guilty pleasure in life is to be home alone and watch Quantum Leap. I am currently storing episodes on my Sky Plus ready for maternity leave and night feeds. 24 are already recorded. Ahem.

5. I have taken great pleasure in the fact that the boy who turned me down in Secondary school and basically broke my heart because he couldn’t bear the thought of going out with me, is now fat and unemployed.

I know that makes me a bad person, but I’ll willing to take that hit. Facebook is a fountain of knowledge.

6. I can play both the Cello and Glockenspiel.

7. I have a birthmark on my right leg, on my shin, that was the subject of much bullying as a child. But I am very proud of my Sri-Lanka shaped birthmark, it makes me even more original.

So the 15 people I would like to know more about…

Actually, I can’t think of 15 people…Am I breaking a Meme rule by not having 15?

Also, most people have already done this or have just had a baby….Oh well…
You’ll just have to have 7 things about me.

Favourite Things — February – The Birthday Edition

I love February.

The days are getting ever so slightly longer.

Valentine’s Day allows us to be soppier than usual.


Actually this is the main reason I like February. The rest is lovely extras.

There is only one ‘favourite’ thing this month and its this…

two of us - we make a great pear necklace (antique brass)

‘Two of us, We make a good pear’

Necklace from Esty seller, Ohhellofriend, £8.98

Now, who wants to buy me it?

28 Weeks

28 weeks + 2.

Cub is the size of a ‘Head of cauliflower’.
Of course it is.
Because how else would you measure a baby’s growth but by size of vegetable.
Bring back the aubergine because that at least made more sense.

We had our 28 week check yesterday and after our little pep talk that morning, Cub is doing very well. Good heartbeat and after a little prodding (and a little scare about perhaps having twins!) Midwife confirmed that baby is head down. Now, that will all change, I am sure, before our next app at 34 weeks. But for today at least, I am a proud Mama 😉

No bump picture this week. I forgot. Sorry.

I did want to give you the musical stylings of Cub’s heartbeat which the lovely Midwife let us record…but it no work on this here blog. Once I figure it out, I’ll show it off.

We have our last parenting class on Thursday, then it is all quiet on the Western front for a few weeks.

Thank you for all your kind comments about ‘Dad Week’ last week. Was lovely to write and wish I could have done more.