28 Weeks

28 weeks + 2.

Cub is the size of a ‘Head of cauliflower’.
Of course it is.
Because how else would you measure a baby’s growth but by size of vegetable.
Bring back the aubergine because that at least made more sense.

We had our 28 week check yesterday and after our little pep talk that morning, Cub is doing very well. Good heartbeat and after a little prodding (and a little scare about perhaps having twins!) Midwife confirmed that baby is head down. Now, that will all change, I am sure, before our next app at 34 weeks. But for today at least, I am a proud Mama 😉

No bump picture this week. I forgot. Sorry.

I did want to give you the musical stylings of Cub’s heartbeat which the lovely Midwife let us record…but it no work on this here blog. Once I figure it out, I’ll show it off.

We have our last parenting class on Thursday, then it is all quiet on the Western front for a few weeks.

Thank you for all your kind comments about ‘Dad Week’ last week. Was lovely to write and wish I could have done more.


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