I miss you

I miss that tiny espresso cup of coffee.

I miss you, Salami and Serrano ham that I would occasionally pilfer from the fridge.

I miss you, room temperature Camembert and Brie.

I miss lying on my back to sleep. And to think of England.

I miss getting out of the bath on my own.

I miss my savoury palette, the Cub prefers sweet things.

But even though I have had to forego some things, it’s all for the best thing in the world.

This post was inspired by Accidentally Kle

Photo credit – craftsmeninthewood.co.uk


5 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. lol @ getting out of the bath alone… you will appreciate this even more than you can realise once you can do it again! oh – and drying your feet properly! ooh, magic! 😛

    ps i ate Salami through my pregnancy… wasn't aware of that one until month 9 and by then just figured "oh well"!!


  2. Victoria Marks says:

    I miss a big glass of red wine on a Saturday night & a nice cold beer with my curry! *blushes*

    I also miss running oddly enough… my trainers keep looking at me longingly in the shoe box.

    Not long to go now!! x

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