32 Weeks

Its been tough this week. The pain in my hip is still there but I am trying not to moan about it.

Work has been very busy, but this week I made the decision to start my maternity leave one week sooner, purely because…well…I think we (Me and Cub) deserve it.

I told my boss how I felt and although nothing has changed, it made me feel better to let her know.

We also have a meeting on Tuesday to go over things and I am going to ask about being part-time and some other stuff.

But, that is all boring, and I know you are only over here to check out one thing….CUB BUMP!



It’s not a beach ball, I promise!


Oh Yea baby!


So, here is to being 32 weeks and here is to 5 weeks left at work.



4 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. victoriamarks says:

    You are glowing, you look gorgeous. Glad you have managed to get things straightened in your mind about work , it will fly by x

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