As inspired by Accidentally Kle I am going to be holding a baby sweepstake to see if anyone can correctly guess the Sex, weight, and date that Cub Crimp will be making an appearance.

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know your guess.

The winner(s) will win a scratchcard (sorry only UK scratchcards) but why not have a go for the fun of it! (You will have to guess either the correct weight or date, no prizes for correct sex – what do you think I am, made of money???)

Now to help you on your way, here is some information that might help your guess:

I am 37 weeks +2  (5/4/11) and measuring as such.

I am due on the 24th April.

I was born on time and Pete was 4 weeks early.

I was 6lbs 10oz at birth and Pete was an Ickle 4lbs 6oz

I am one of 5 girls in my family of 8 and Pete is the only boy with 3 sisters.

If you don’t want to leave a comment, email me @ firstimehitched@gmail.com and I’ll add you to the comments.

So get your thinking caps on and get guessing 🙂

Picture taken at 34 weeks


35 thoughts on “Sweepstakes

  1. Oooh, decisions decisions.
    I’m gonna go for Tuesday 3rd May, (9 days late – sorry).
    Weight of 7lb 11oz
    And Team blue (Despite dreaming you were team Pink lol).

  2. peter crimp says:

    Right here goes,
    30th April, 7lbs 13oz
    I have a slight edge over everyone else, because I control the amount of spicy food Frannie eats!

  3. Sex: Boy – by that bump I’m going boy!
    weight: Thats a tough one bearing in mind how small you both were…. I’m going wit….. 6lb 9oz
    date : Tuesday 3rd May (Adding on the 2 weeks they will let you go overdue ;-))

  4. vmarks1984 says:

    Hi!! I have been meaning to do this for days but baby marks has kept me otherwise amused!!

    I think girl & think you will be a week and a day overdue & weight 7lb 8oz

    mwah x

  5. Kaitlin says:

    I think you are going to have a girl on the 22/04/2011. I think she will weigh 6lb 9oz. Best wishes what ever day it happens thou!! X.

  6. Suzan Sweeney says:

    Adam and me have been talking this one over and we are going with 7lb 10oz and 21st April as thats how much he weighed and his date…oh and a boy! Adam said he cant wait to look out for his buddy. xxx

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