The Kindness of Strangers

My name is @firstimehitched and I’m a twitterholic.

People who know me, know I have got so much from being part of this community.
All through my pregnancy I’ve recieved advice, given advice and since having james, it has been a sense check for all the newborn worries you have.
Not to mention a great companion on night feeds.

Most of my family and real life friends didnt really ‘get’ twitter and often wondered why I went to a social network for advice instead of them.

The truth?

Twitter had time for me.
Twitter doesnt mind if all I do is talk about James all day.
Its what I need to get through the day, when no one else is around.
It doesnt make me feel silly for all the questions I ask.

So when the chance came up to meet up with two lovely ladies (@pollypodders and @charliesav83) and the gorgeous bubbas, I jumped at it.

I met up with Polly and Joss at Liverpool street and as soon as I saw her we gave each other a big hug. It was like meeting an old friend.
Nothing was awkward, we just fell into chatting just like we do on twitter, except without the 140 character limit.
After tackling London Undergrounds stairs and lack of lifts, we met with Charlie and Harry.
Hugs aplenty again. This all felt completely normal, despite the fact that all we had known is our avatars popping up on the screen every so often.

We found somewhere to feed the babes, and for the mummies to re-fuel and we talked.

We talked and talked and talked.

For hours.

And yes, it was all about babies and going back to work and weaning and dribbling. But that is what our life is about right now, and none of us would change that.

We discovered that James has the hots for Joss and Harry has such gorgeous blue eyes.

I came home yesterday feeling really good about myself and wanting to meet up with more twitter peeps.

Because if they are as lovely as Polly and Charlie, then they can’t be all bad 😉

Charlie and her blue eyed boy, Harry

Polly holding James and Joss taking a break from kissing him

Mama Frannie and James


2 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. I’ve made lots of friends through Twitter. I think in real life it is rare that all your friends are in the same place as you, for example not many of my friends have babies. But there is always someone on Twitter that is in the same boat so to speak. I think we are really lucky as mums to have such a fantastic resource at our finger tips.

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