Dear James -10 weeks

My sweet chubby James,

You have been with us for a little over 10 weeks now.
We are coming out of the newborn fog of not knowing anything to knowing a little bit more.

You are growing at an alarming rate. Not just In fatness, but development too.

You smile your big gummy smile everyday. Our stupid noises and funny faces make you squel with joy. You first did it at your Uncles birthday a couple of weeks back and now everyday something happens and you give off this infectious noise.
I will never be able to put into words you how good that laugh makes me feel.
One day Mama will manage to record it just in time and play it back to you.

You love your jungle mobile and will lay for ages cooing over the frog and parrot. The monkey, well you could take or leave him quite frankly.

If we talk to you, you make noises back.

*something that is hard to type out*

I pretend thats you telling me what you dreamt at your last nap. It seems you mostly dream about boobies.

I put you in your swing today and you was trying so hard to grab the lion. One day very soon you will grab it. Then you will grab everything. Keep at it my clever boy.

Your so tactile with your hands, just like me. Touching faces, clothes; stroking arms when being held on the shoulder. You, James, are a loving little thing.

You’ve almost outgrown your Moses basket, but I simply refuse to believe you are old enough to go into your cot. Because then I have to realise that I go back to work soon, and im just not ready to do that yet. Im having way too much fun being with you.

I’ll sign off now my darling boy.
I’m typing this with one hand and you are asleep in the other. It’s 1.38am and I’m tired, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you this much *holds arms out stretched as far as they can*.

Keep growing strong,
Mama x

P.S When you read this back people might say I copied the Google advert, I so didnt. They stole my idea damnit. I’ve been writing to you since you were a bunch of cells x

Love you x


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