Missing out


Its been a tough few days, nay, a tough couple of weeks. I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water. I have too many things in my head right now and it feels like I have no one to talk too.

Weeks have gone by without so much as a text from family or friends. There are still people who haven’t even met James yet.

I know I should make more effort myself, and everytime I go to do so, Motherhood calls.

Im not writing this grudgingly, im writing this because I am a new mother who is trying to find time to have a shower let alone organise a lunch out.

I love being a mum.
I love my boy.

I just wish I could tell someone else that every once in a while.

But you know what, I dont have to say anything.

Look what you are all missing…


One thought on “Missing out

  1. Louise Alms says:

    Missing out?

    You had a baby in yours 20s? Didn’t you have anything better to do? Like travel? Study more? Make a business?

    I’ll have a baby later and STILL be happy with a more interesting life than you and your “Chingford” pals.

    Plus, same age but all look about 10 years older than me. WTF??!!

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