So far…

In these very early stages of parenthood, I have discovered many, many things. Most of it advice, whether I wanted it or not but this is what I have learnt so far…

1. No matter how much you try to not let it bother you, the looks you get when your baby has a meltdown will get to you.

2. No matter how much you try, nothing will stop said meltdown. 

3. EVERYONE will know what is wrong with YOUR baby. Not you, his MOTHER, but the stranger in Boots.

4. Old women will coo like mad over your baby and be compelled to touch him. This actually does my head in a little.

5. You will always feel guilty asking for help or for a nap.

6. You will never enjoy that nap.

7. Its completely normal to class getting dressed, having a pee and brushing your teeth as a record breaking challenge; you have to do everything at break neck speed.

8. You realise that as soon as you say something like ‘oh they sleep through the night now’; that they will stop doing it. Ditto leaking nappies and drinking from a bottle.

9. Speaking in a funny voice has actually taken over your regular voice and on more than one occasion you will answer the phone with said silly voice.

10. No matter how hard it feels sometimes or how tired you are or disgusting you feel, you would have another baby tomorrow.

God, this is only just the start.


5 thoughts on “So far…

  1. A great post, and so true.
    The other thing that I discovered is that EVERYONE is suddenly interested in how much sleep you’re getting. If you say not much they tell you that you need to feed them a big bottle of formula at bedtime. , even if you’re breastfeeding. And if, heaven forbid, your baby is quite a good sleeper then strangers will gleefully tell you that it won’t last.

  2. @somethingblue_2 says:

    Totally agree with all of these! x ps eventually you WILL enjoy that nap and will take it any chance you can! x

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