Thoughts are always going on in my mind.

It is a constant whirl of what if’s, what could be and what should have been.

Does this make me mad?

Sometimes the thoughts are thick and fast and make me blurry and scared.

Others are more rational and thoughful and make me feel like I am in control.

It switches in a matter of seconds. Changing from logical perspective to damn right panic.

Do I wish it was different, that I was different?

Maybe if it was, would I be who I am today. Would I be better or worse?

And so continues the questions and processes and thoughts.

But that’s all they are.




3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I think that’s completely normal….well, I hope it is as that’s what I’m like most of the time! Has it got worse since you’ve had James? My brain never seems to stop whirring since having Holly, especially in the middle of the night! xx

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