The First Boy I Ever Loved

This time of year is always busy with birthdays, anniversaries and then its the rush to Christmas.

This year there is a lot of ‘Big’ birthdays with Pete and my Sister turning 40 and my Nephew, Jack, turns 18 today, 21st September.

I have many Nieces and Nephews and I love them all very, very much and I have a different relationship with each one.

My relationship with Jack is more like Brother and Sister than Auntie and Nephew.

I was there when Jack was born. It was 15.33pm on a warm Tuesday afternoon and I had spent the entire day in the waiting room watching tedious daytime TV ranging from Richard and Judy to Home and Away. Just when the TV was getting interesting with CITV starting, I was told I was an Auntie to a little boy.

Jack Martin Aronne had a mop of black hair and was dinky and wrapped up with what looked like 10 blankets.

He was passed to me and I held the tiny bundle. Time has faded the memory slightly but something must have clicked between Jack and I as I fell completely and utterly in love with that baby.

I was only 9 when he was born. Yet I couldn’t wait to see him and took any chance I could get to go visit him.

As the years went on my love for him never changed.

We were peas in pods.

And like a little brother he could be an annoying little blighter too.

But combined with that was a boy who is such, such fun. We have the same humour and can say something to each other and we will fall about laughing.

We often annoy people with the quotes we have memorised from various shows or sketches. In fact if I was to say to you:




”WHAT!? -.-”

”Were on a bridge chaaaarlie’

You wouldn’t find it funny. Yet me and Jack would pee ourselves.

And that is how we are connected.

We grew up together and like any Brother and Sister we grew fiercely protective of each other.

Jack would be jealous of a boyfriend I had and I in turn would (will) interrogate a girl he would like. In fact Pete has said the person he was most concerned about meeting when we began dating, was Jack.

If we had it my way, Jack wouldn’t be dating until he was at least 35, just like James will do.

Luckily for him he has met the lovely Ria, who I approve of. They are very happy and he treats her like a Princess.

The boy knows how to respect everyone and can talk to his peers as well as his elders.

We have been through some very hard times in his 18 years. Jack personally has had some hurdles to cross but everything he has had to encounter has just made him the wonderful boy he is today.

Not only is he a brilliant, funny boy he is very smart as well. He is Head Boy at Sixth Form and always does well in exams.

I can see Jack’s head getting bigger with all these compliments.

But above all else, he is a loving boy. He might be skin and bones but he gives great hugs. He makes you smile when you are sad and like I said before, will make you pee with laughter.

My little Nephew is growing up; I can see it when he looks at James. He loves him and the feeling is mutual. He will look after and protect him and I really couldn’t think of a better person to be James’ Godfather.

Although, he isn’t a little boy anymore.

Today he turns into a Man.

To Jack,

I hope you have the happiest of Birthdays.

You’re entering the next chapter in your life and you are going to do just fine.

I am immensely proud of you.

The best is yet to come for you, live your life and enjoy it.

I will love you always, you are the first boy I ever loved,

Your Auntie Frannie


Jack and James, 27th April 2011


One thought on “The First Boy I Ever Loved

  1. What a lovely post. It’s clear to see you have a very special bond with Jack. I have a similar relationship with my cousin Harry who has also just turned 18, there are 10 years between us 🙂 He will also be godfather to my son. Now I’m off to sob into a tissue and wonder why time goes by so quickly! xxx

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