Life begins at 40…

Today, Peter Charles Crimp turns 40 years old.

For the eagle-eyed people out there, yes he is a whole 13 years older than me.

However, I act more mature than him.

I digress.

Today, Pete turns 40.

The big 4-0. A milestone, life begins, mid-life crisis blah blah blah.

For people who follow Pete on twitter or Facebook, He has been counting down the days as though when he reached his birthday, he would spontaneously combust.

I can verify that hasn’t happened.

In fact I am very glad to say that he is still here.

And as a birthday tribute to him, here is a special letter.

Dear Pete,

As most people know you are notoriously hard to buy for.

And most people know that I am skint from being on Maternity leave.

So with no money and no ideas, I can only give you what I am good at.

No, not that.

My love of writing.

Today you turned 40. An age most people regard as a time where life begins.

I am going to toot my own horn and say that your life began when we started dating nearly 8 years ago. I believe it was re-ignited when we got married two years ago tomorrow, and it was rejuvenated by the birth of your Son in April.

You have been re-born many times.

There was even a time we didn’t know if your life wasn’t going to be going on any longer. The power of hindsight shows us you are much stronger than that and you have come back, almost stronger than ever.

You’ve not embraced turning 40 like I thought you would. You are an eternal optimist, nothing worries you. You put me in my place when negativity takes hold. Yet, you regard yourself as old and past it and ‘for the scrap heap’ for turning 40.

Yes, your back and knee ache. As do mine. Carrying a 20lb baby will do that to ya.

Your tired and lethargic. Guess what, a 5 month old baby will do that to ya too.

This is all superficial.

You don’t look like you are on the brink of your 5th decade and you definitely don’t act it. Doing the dance to the Pussycat Dolls song ‘Don’t wish your girlfriend was hot like me’ has put paid to that.

Your dignity also.


Anyway, I know I am *only* 27 and can’t imagine what it will be like to be 40, but from what I can see its pretty amazing.

You are getting a party, you are getting gifts, you will be ribbed for being ‘old’ but it will be followed up by ‘You don’t look 40’.

Men always grow better with age and you are proof of that. You have gotten married and had a child in your late 30’s; monumental milestones that wouldn’t have worked for you if you were any younger.

So embrace this coming of age, because as they say…Life begins…NOW.

James only sees a Daddy who throws him up in the air and makes him laugh. Not a 40-year-old man.

And aren’t you only as old as the woman you feel?

But you do look too old to be 27.


So, Happy Birthday, My old man.

May you have many wonderful birthdays to come.

All our love, always

Frannie and James



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