Fran vs Food

Right, time to answer another question. This time it’s from Snafflesmummy:
No 3 the food thing. I’m curious as I do it too. Sausage “walls” to seperate cooked breakfast items?

I love food. I really, really love it. I am assuming you can tell that from the size of my bum.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gannett as such I just really appreciate food.
I adore how tastes and smells can evoke memories. A simple snack of cheese and spring onion instantly reminds me of sitting on the sofa with my sister.
‘Pastina’ takes me back to family meals at Topo Gigo.
If could live off olives and artichokes, I would be certain I would have lived a probably short but happy life.

So yea, I love food.

However, this is where I get weird.

Do you remember those plates from the school canteen? The divided plates which accommodated a cooked meal, chips and your desert all on one plate? Someone needs to make a adult version.
I actually would be overjoyed at the food being separate.

Beans are my nemesis. They should only be on toast when the mingling of bread and beans is acceptable.
If I’m having sausages for dinner and beans are offered, I often decline.
If beans are adorning the plate where my Cumberlands are, they better be barricaded by some chips.
Many, many chips have been lost because they have been tainted by the bean juice.
I simply cannot stand my food being touched by other food.
There are exceptions; salad is fine to be touching each other, however, spaghetti and sauce MUST be eaten separately. Poached eggs with a just right runny yolk need to be dipped by toast, but my veg better not touch my chicken.

It really irks me when people go with such gusto in mixing up there food. Surely it’ll all just taste the same? And how can you even tell what it is? It looks like baby mush.

Those pictures on a greasy spoon menu where all the foods are running in together that it might as well be called baconsausageegghashbrownfriedbreadtomatoes, feel with anxiety.

I wish I could explain why I cannot have my food touching each other, but to me it’s perfectly normal.

It’s you lot that are odd.

So go on, indulge me, what are your quirks?

How’s that @Snafflesmummy?


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