Dear James,

In a week’s time, you be 18 months old. That is like, WELL old in baby terms. In fact you’re actually a toddler now and boy are you fitting into those tantrums well.

You have definitely inherited the firey Italian gene from me and the stubbornness of your Dad Dad.

You are an amazing little boy. You DO NOT STOP TALKING. But it’s music to my ears.
Most of what you are saying makes sense. You are very determined in what you want.
You are polite with your ‘peas’ and ‘fankoo’. You know your ‘weely’, and your ‘noose’ and ‘ey’ and ‘EARS’, which always makes me laugh because you shout that word.

You will give us a running commentary in your buggy of the form of transport we encounter. ‘A car, a van, a red car, ooo a BUS!’
And it never fails to make me giggle when your say ‘vancar’ very quickly.
You’ll understand when you’re older.

You know a ‘Bik’ is what Uncle Tattoo drives and a ‘Biceecle’ is the other one.

You say lots of words and you understand them all. You know that I am Mum Mum and that Daddy ‘Go work bus’ and is sometimes Mr. Tumble, or ‘Misser Mumel’ as you call him. He isn’t your Daddy, but I can see the resemblance.

You still love ‘Din Dins’ and your ‘Dooce (juice)’ and Minnie dog is still your best buddy in the whole wide world.

James, the affection you show people is so wonderful, please never forget the power of a kiss or a hug. They have been Mummy’s saviour of late.

You kiss so passionately with both hands on face and a force so strong you shake your head.
You shake hands, fist bump and high five. You dance like a little robot which can body pop. It’s not listed in the conventional milestones but I am very proud you can do that. Its awesome.

The only major change is that you no longer have breast milk. Lots of decisions impacted this and I delayed a lot of things, because I wanted to go at your pace. If I didn’t think you were ready to move on, I’d still be feeding you now. But, you independent little boy, you knew it was time to move on.


All in all you are a brilliant little boy, who, without even realising it, is looking more after his Mummy right now, than vice versa.

One day I’ll explain that better.

In the meantime, continue to be a child for as long as you can. Look at the world through those big brown eyes and embrace your life.

I love you with everything in me.

Keep growing strong,


4 thoughts on “Toddler

  1. sparklespink says:

    Such a beautiful post. My little girl is 18 months next month too. It is such a magical time & you can really see their little personalities shinning through. x

  2. sparklespink says:

    Such a beautiful post. My little girl is 18 months next week too. It really is a magical time and you can see their little personalities shinning through. X

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