You & Me & Us

Dear Pete,

Oh my wonderful husband of mine, what are we going to do?

Isn’t it shit. Isn’t this unfair. How fucked off are you right now, because I’m fucking livid.

This year has been far from great and now to top it off we’ve had our 3 bits of bad luck to finish it off.


I’m sick of us both saying sorry to each other. Why are we sorry? You didn’t do this, I didn’t do it. Let stop saying it.
Let’s only be sorry if you eat the last biscuit or forget to get the milk.

I am gutted, beyond belief, that our baby days that are made by you and me, are over.
We are so very blessed to have James.
He is just the best thing we ever made.

I need you now more than ever and I know you need me too. And this is where we really excel.

You, YOU are my world. You are the reason I am as strong as I am. I am the reason you are as strong as you are.

I am you and you are me and we are us.


In sickness and in health and every other shit storm that’s thrown at us.

Let go on this journey, Starbucks in hand, with our boy by our side and fuck this shit right over.

I love you with everything within me and an extra 5.3cm. (Size subject to change once it has been lightsabered).

Now, lets have a cuppa and a kiss and choose me a new hairstyle.
I might have cancer but I want to look my best for you.

I love you,
Frannie x


6 thoughts on “You & Me & Us

  1. You write so beautifully Frannie. I know that with Pete and James by your side, supporting you every step of the way that you will win this fight and come out the other side an even more amazing and stronger person than you already are. Xxx

  2. @HelenW71 says:

    I’m reading these blogs & I still can’t quite believe it’s happening Fran. God only knows how you must feel.

    Having an OH who is there unconditionally through thick & thin cannot be underestimated. You have your soulmate & your beautiful boy & they have you. They will make the unbearable, bearable. The unthinkable, approachable. And kicking Fuckwit’s arse that bit sweeter when you do.

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