I really don’t know what to write.

This whole situation has me flummoxed.

The last time I saw you, you were rolling on the floor with James, not feeling any of the 74 years that was bestowed on you.

The very last time I saw you, you looked like a man I once knew.
I clutched your hand and told you I loved you.

You left exactly as you wanted. Calmly, without hysterics and with loved ones beside you. You were stubborn to the end. That formidable spirit never faltering.

It’s so terribly bittersweet. Your journey has ended as mine is now beginning.

With a pain in my heart and a fire in my belly, I will do you proud with my fight.

You will never realise how inspiring you are.

Wherever you are in that big beautiful sky, I hope you are at peace, because we are at peace with you.

Good night, you stubborn, old fool.

Love always, your Boy’s Girl


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