Dear Fuckwit

Dear Fuckwit

Are you scared? Are you quaking in your boots?

You should be.

Today we met with a Woman who is quite scary, takes no bullshit and is determined to rid you.

Yea, so you spread a little into my lymph node, so what. Your poison hasn’t spread anywhere else.

We start our war on you in 3 weeks. Brace yourself, it’s about to get nasty.

I might be tired from the radiotherapy, you might give me loose bowels or make me sick from chemo, but you will not take my spirit and you will not take my hair. Yea, you won’t take my hair because this chemo is fricking awesome.

General Powell is out to cure me, she said so today and with her team and all my support out there I KNOW we will beat you.

Also, I might be small but I am mighty. Do not screw around with a feisty Italian.

It will be fucking tough 6 weeks, but if it gets you gone, then it will not be in vain.

So fuck off now, Fuckwit. Your work here is done.

You really did pick on the wrong person.

Yours, with a radioactive beam,

Waterloo Frannie


9 thoughts on “Dear Fuckwit

  1. angela says:

    You go girl.. T,E.A.M Fran ( team means Together Everyone Achieves More) With all your grit and determination and the people behind you Fuckwit doesn’t know what hit it. Love you Frannie xxx

  2. @helenw71 says:

    *dons uniform, shiny boots & peaked cap* Sergent Wilson reporting for duty!
    We’ll be here with you to celebrate the good days and to keep you company on the not-so-good days. I hope there’s more of the former than the latter, but I hope more than anything that in a few months that this is all behind you.
    You’re amazing btw, just saying. xxxx

  3. MrsJenky says:

    Sergeant Jenky reporting for duty! Go! Go! Go!
    Ps green isn’t my colour, it’s ok if I’m an RAF segeant isn’t it? Blue it much more my thing, it brings out my eyes 😉
    PPS we can do this, super frannie, twitter, and the scary doctor lady can bring this shit down! Xxx

    • Im bringing the Geordies, they love a good fight! Whay aye man…lets get ready to rumble! (no 1 really says that, but hey!). Behind you all the way lovely amazing lady…love scary doctor x ((hugs))

  4. A Pregnant Pause says:

    Soldier Pause reporting for duty SIR!
    I would have said Private Pause but that just sounds rude doesn’t it?
    Everyone is behind you. Although most of us aren’t physically there with you, we will always be there in spirit and on twitter. You aren’t on your own and you are going to get through this.


    PS I think the military look is in this season. 😉

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