Hair today, gone tomorrow

When I was diagnosed just one short week ago, one of the main things that sprung to my mind was ‘Shit, I am going to lose my hair’. Vain I know but hair, whether you maintain it or not, is apart of who you are. You are often referred by your hair colour or you could be the one with the really long hair. 

Since having James, my hair has done that normal post pregnancy trauma of falling out by the handful. 

It was unsettling at first and then all of a sudden I was growing back this wispy fluff where my fringe should have been. My hair line receded (oh so attractive), but it was all part of my body getting back to normal. 

But my body didn’t get back to normal, it has been trying to repel this cancer for a long time. 

So, when they said I might have to have Chemotherapy, I just despaired at all my hair falling out. And my eyebrows and my fanny hair. Actually, I was quite pleased at the prospect of losing that, fanny hair is such a faff. 

I decided there and then in that consulting room that I was going to cut it short because in my mind, it would be easier to lose it short than to lose it long. 

When we found out that the Chemo I would need would not make me lose my hair, I literally jumped off my chair. Again, I know how vain that sounds, but I really don’t give a shit. 

With this in mind, I decided to stay put with my decision to cut my hair short. New hair for the new direction my life is taking me. 

Today I took the plunge…



I am such a knob. 

Anyway, I bloody love it. 

And I bloody love this:



You wouldn’t think we were going through the worst week of our lives. That little boy there is the reason for our smiles. Our wonderful Son. 

Onwards and upwards. 


10 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow

  1. Gemma says:

    Beautiful photo. Great news you won’t lose your hair. A small thing maybe in the scheme of things but also massive in terms of how it makes you feel. You look fab & sound ready for this fight. You CAN win!!! xxx

  2. @helenw71 says:

    Oh Frannie, I’ve just cried at this. The photo tipped me over, you are a beautiful girl & you have a beautiful family, both inside and out. The fact that you can smile like this after the week you’ve had is amazing. You are all amazing; you and Pete because you can still make your boy smile like that despite everying that’s going on.
    I really look forward to another photo in a few months where you’re through the other side & this is all behind you. Hxx

  3. Lu says:

    Oh Fran, Fran Fran Fran I fucking love you and you keep making me cry. I don’t know what to say just that I love you. True inspiration to all of us xxxxx

  4. Zoe says:

    Frannie, I am in awe of the strength you have shown after the week you have had. You are an inspiration. This photo of the three of you is just beautiful…

  5. somethingblue_2 says:

    You are already beating that fuckwit in your attitude & it isn’t allowed to take your hair! Ha – take that fuckwit cos SuperFran looks smokin’!
    You know what I see in that photo (after I’ve stopped crying)? I see beauty, grace, strength, love and above all else inspiration. You are awesome. You are beyond awesome Frannie & don’t you ever forget it.
    Big loves to the three of you xxxxx

  6. _g3 says:

    Oh my gosh. Such a wonderful photo, full of love. Your passion is inspiring. I’m do happy you get you keep your new hair, it’s not vain at all. It’s a big thing. Stay brilliant darling xxx

  7. Fran (and family!). I don’t know you, you don’t know me and i’ve never written to someone i haven’t met before nor can i imagine what you’re all going through right now. However i cannot simply read your blog without saying this: please know that YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING and an INSPIRATION to all!

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