Plan, Planning, Planned.

Meeting with your radiotherapy team is very weird. For one thing, they are all really nice. They refer to you by your first name and insist you do the same. Apart from Dr.Powell, you will ALWAYS call her doctor because she is SCARY.

They are all on the same page, they all have the same goal for you and they all bend over backwards. Not literally because that would be strange, a load of crab walking radiotherapists.

The people I met today are the people who will be doing the treatment, so its not like you are meeting different people everyday and I think that is great, consistency in this situation is such a comfort.

There are comfy sofa’s, chilled water to make sure you have your three cups before you’re beamed (this is an important part of your measurements for external beam) and importantly everything is calm.

You can see the regulars, there the ones which walk in saying ‘Good Morning’ to everyone. I will be one of those regulars soon.

Today I went with my Mum as I wanted her to have a better understanding what was happening to her baby. I’ve found it really difficult to be open with her as I know if it was my baby going through this (at any age) I would be heartbroken. It just doesn’t bare thinking about.
So this helped her see what I would be doing everyday for 6 weeks.

The next step is to do a dummy run on the 29th November so we can run this operation without a hitch.

I now know that Thursday’s will be my ‘long day’ with my weekly appointment with Dr Powell in the morning then my Chemotherapy taking 3-4 hours then finally my shot of radiation. I am already prepared with my kindle and my mascots on hand.

But I will start going to these by myself, because even though I have everyone around me, pushing me along, being there on my low days, it is me alone having to go through this, physically.

Today I realised that it is OK to do this without someone beside me waiting, because all those people in the comfy sofa area are doing it and doing it well.

I’m just another person to say ‘Good Morning’ to.

But I am also awesome.

I’ll leave you with something that will always be with me….the cross will fade away to a tiny dot.

Excuse the disposable knickers….

A dot that I will look at one day and remember….I beat this.


3 thoughts on “Plan, Planning, Planned.

  1. @helenw71 says:

    Oh Fran! Bloody hell you really are awesome. You’ve come such a long way in the last couple of weeks, you really are incredible. That little dot will always remind you what a cancer-kicking, positive thinking, disposable-knicker-rocking & all round amazing woman you are. Hxx

  2. Oh course you are bloody awesome and look amazing in scrubs. As long as you have people to call when you do hit your tough days then the other days will be a breeze. And of course we will sit with you via twitter and hold your hand too.

  3. I keep saying it, but you’re amazing! You write so well, and your continued humour is amazing. You are super human Fran and you have won this fight 10x over already with your positive approach xxx

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