Counting down

So I have nearly completed week 3 in my Cancer treatment, and I have to say, that this week has been a vast improvement on last week by eleventy billion percent.

I have actually accomplished things this week. Little tasks like cooking dinner or doing the washing and tonight, I managed to get James to bed, which is such a major thing and he was very happy about that too….lets hope that transpires to a long sleep.

Never. Gonna. Happen.

To me this is amazing. I am very tired now, it’s really hitting me, but I have to say that I am counting myself very lucky as the other possible side effects have been bearable. I have spoken up and got my anti-sickness tablets changed (if you don’t tell your oncologist what your feeling, how can they make you better) and although I am eating 16 meals a day due to the steroids giving me an appetite a weight lifter would be proud of, at least I can do that now without the underlining nausea.

Me and the Duchess of Cambridge have loads in common init. Except she’ll birth a future Monarch and I’ll birth a 2lb tumour. Swings and roundabouts, huh.

Talking of tumours, my oncologist I saw today was very pleased with my progress, there are lots of positive signs but I just need to keep an eye on my tiredness. If it gets too extreme (cannot get out of bed, tired) then my treatment will be scaled back, which I really don’t want to happen as it is going so well. Little cat naps and loads of water and letting people take charge will help this…I of course still need to make tea, just to dip my toe in. Damn it.

You’ll have seen on Facebook and Twitter about my lovely surprises that I received this week, and I still am in a state of shock. To have relative strangers (I have been talking to most of these people for over 2 years and have met several of them) go out of there way to donate money, just to make me smile is something that I just cannot comprehend. As someone who loves to give gifts for the smile it gives to a person, I want you to know that I went to bed beaming that 21 people wanted that same buzz.
I am truly honoured to call you ALL friends.

*wipes dirt that seems to have been caught in my eye*

So now the countdown starts..tomorrow I am officially over half way through. Christmas is a few days away and I get to spend it with my lovely family.

Except, if the fucking Mayans have got it right, I am going to be so pissed that I had fucking chemo today. Stupid life saving emo-chemo (only kidding, I love you chemotherapy, mwah).

See, I am doing so much better.


4 thoughts on “Counting down

  1. @helenw71 says:

    You are a legend Mrs Crimp. You are doing incredibly well through gruelling treatment & I’m so proud to be one of those people who helped make you smile this week. Now divvint staart mackin me emotunal like hinny, ah divvint look gud blotchy frum cryun.
    Love you lots, Hxx

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