And a Happy New Year…

So here we are on the cusp of a New Year.

Safe to say that I am not sad to see 2012 go. It has been a shit year for many, many reasons. I am not going to list them, you know it all anyway.

I always get nostalgic when New Year comes round, and try to find the positive in tough times. I’ve struggled to see the light this time, but I made myself think of 5 things that were wonderful about this year.

1. Celebrating my Son’s 1st Birthday with his many friends
2. Welcoming 3 new babies to the family
3. Holding the Olympic torch
4. Having my love grow for the people around me
5. Getting perspective on life

That last one is pretty deep huh? Pretty standard I think once you’ve been diagnosed with Cancer. I’ve learnt not to sweat the small stuff; Let go of some deep seated issues which have been holding me back. Silly things like the clothes I wear, the way I am about what I love to do, like writing.

I am not happy I have Cancer, but I am happy that it’s made me realise that I am person who matters and being comfortable with myself, is just another step in my recovery.

In a way, I am sad to see this year go. I lost two wonderful people this year. Both at opposite ends of the age spectrum. A friends little girl who was snatched from life and a Father In Law who was released from his struggle. I weep that this year ends with them both in it forever, but I hope that wherever they are in the world, they are at peace.

I wish you all an amazing New Year, make of it what you will and most of all….be happy.

I love you all.

Right, now indulge me, give me your 5 wonderful things about 2012.


5 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year…

  1. I’m looking forward to a similar post this time next year, with number 1 being ‘Kicking fuckwits arse and beating cancer!’
    Ok, my top five…
    1. Watching Paige develop and learn to walk and talk; 6-18 months has been amazing!
    2. We went on our first family holiday (a few days in Cornwall).
    3. The unfortunate turmoil of hubby being made redundant, having two temporary jobs to then land on his feet at a better company, closer to home on more pay, still in the trade that he loves.
    4. Getting away for a weekend to meet some wonderful twitter mums – this stands out to me for the people, my being able to not be ‘mummy’ and ‘wife’ first for over 24 hours and the pride for my husband in coping so well with his solo parenting.
    5. Buy our first house – ok, I could only do this because of losing my Grandad, and we won’t complete on the house until March, but I’m so grateful that my family will have so much. !

  2. Hayley Dot says:

    I’ve had my dealings of bad years, but obviously none that compare to yours, but for me 2012 has finally been a good one for me:
    1: seeing the northern lights in Finland.
    2: my engagement (prposal under the lights!).
    3: going to Florida when I never thought I would be able to afford to go back. (I even cried when I got there thinking other family members deserved to be there more, like my niece etc).
    4: landing my new job (still within the police force I work for, but on the marine unit!).
    5: finding my vintage 1950’s wedding dress at a vintage fare, which matched a picture I found months before, never thought I would ever find an exact match.

    It was actually difficult to choose 5, other years I would have really struggled xxx

    Thank you for making me reflect on such a great year, and I really hope 2013 is your year xxx


  3. Hayley Dot says:

    It’s sad and strange how someone’s best year can be someone else’s worst, but I have never reflected on a year like I have 2012 and been so contented, this year I feel very lucky and finally happy:
    1: seeing the northern lights in Finland.
    2: my engagement (proposal under the northern lights)
    3: going to Florida when I never thought I would be able to afford to go ever again.
    4: landing my new role within the police force I work for, on the marine unit!!!
    5: finding my vintage 1950’s wedding dress at a vintage fare in Brighton. It matched a photo I found months before, never did I think I would find my dream dress from the past, must be fate!

    I really hope that 2013 will be your year xxx


  4. My year has been a highly emotional one – it’s one that I would like to put behind me but at the same time remember forever and I still can’t deal with everything that has happened. The worst is that I lost my dad in July and so other than the top point in my list of 5, I think I might struggle with the rest but we’ll see – they may all involve a certain person!!

    1. Finding out at the end of January that I was pregnant.

    2. Giving birth to my amazing boy Zach in September.

    3. Realising how lucky I am to have the most amazing partner, family, friends and work colleagues who were all amazing when my dad was ill. There’s nothing like being forced to not work so I could spend time with him and not being penalised for not going in!

    4. Watching my little man grow from the tiny newborn to a 3 month old who smiles and wriggles.

    5. Keeping up breastfeeding! This is a massive accomplishment and has been a massive highlight for me. So many times I’ve wanted to give up but not an ounce of formula has passed his lips 🙂

    I knew it would mostly be about him, because in a year when I lost someone so close to me, he has been my light. If ever I’m down or crying all he has to do is look at me and everything is ok again.

    Fran, I really do wish you the absolutely bestest for 2013, we are all with you every step of the way of beating fuckwit!!

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