Final Countdown

Der ner ner, de ner, ner neerr, erm I think that’s how it goes.

Anyway, tomorrow sees the start of my final week of external radiotherapy. 4 fractions left.
No chemotherapy left either. Dr Powell decided on Thursday that chemo should stop on account of me being anaemic and my white blood cell count being 1.0, which apparently is very low.
She’s happy with the 4 cycles I’ve had and radiotherapy is my main treatment. Dr. P wants me as healthy as possible for my brachytherapy so booked me in for a blood transfusion the past Saturday.

I wasn’t pleased about this at first but after some friends who had received blood told me that I would feel great, I wasn’t as dubious.

In fact, it only took 62mls of the wondrous burgundy bag to make me start feeling human again.


But after my two pints, I realised just how shit I felt. I thought I was getting away lightly with just the constant nausea, but I was obviously feeling a lot worse.

I feel like I can think clearly again. Anaemia is awful, I have actually felt like this for years.

Thank god for blood donors. As I donor myself, I’m glad that I might have give a person a boost or maybe even a lifeline.

I am forever in debt to my donor. You gave me the energy to finish this fight off. Thank you.

If you are thinking about giving blood, you can find all the information you need here here

It takes 15 minutes and its worth it to get a cuppa, a biscuit and a sticker at the end. Ok, the stickers are for the kids but, what the hell.


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