So what now…

I have scheduled this post to publish when I am hopefully in that post surgery fog, where it’s half drunk nap, half trying to convince them that you’re perfectly fine to go home.

So while that is occurring, I’d like to take this blog to remind you that….I AM FINISHED. DONE. NO MORE CANCER TREATMENT (Well, for now at least)

What am I going to do now? What am I going to write about now? Well, you lot can help me out with this.

Ages and ages ago I asked my loyal readers to ask me anything, I answered a few questions, so I am going to hand the reins over to you lot again.

Is there anything you want to know about me? I’ve got lots of new readers, so are you curious about anything about me?
Do you want to know more about the cancer I have?
Do you want to know about the banana cheesecake I have made?
Do you want to know things that seem embarrassing…take a look around, its takes a lot to embarrass me.
Do you want to know why I am so awesome….well, somethings have to remain a mystery.

So come on, do your worst…if anything it will help me get out of my post morphine induced coma.

Look forward to your responses…..


4 thoughts on “So what now…

  1. Shirley ling says:

    Dearest Fran so glad you have finished with your treatment I have just seen the cervical cancer item on “this morning “made me think of you ! You are an amazing girl a true inspiration to anyone who may be just beginning their journey with this terrible disease! One thing I would like to ask you I have only known you through my darling daughter Gemma who is no longer here if you have any memories Off her I would love to know! As well as having the recipe for that lovely cheesecake Take care of yourself darling I hope to one day Have the privilege to meet you x

  2. Hey lovely lady,

    To say i’ve ‘enjoyed’ following your journey is the wrong word. I’m honored to have been able to follow your journey & know your blogging about this part of your life with such honesty & bravery will help lots of other women & their families.

    What i’d like to know is how you delivered the news of your cancer to your friends & family and how people reacted to the news?

    How did you feel about the way people reacted, did their treatment of you change, did people pop up who hadn’t shown interest in you before?

    I think hearing news like yours is shocking and my own reaction to it was disbelief, shock, tears & just wanting to be there for you If and when you needed me but not to suffocate you with messages, texts etc. xxx

  3. lynda says:

    As I’m a fairly new follower I’m unaware how your cancer was discovered…was it a routine smear or did you have any symptoms ? So chuffed your treatment is over and you have shrinkage !!! Xxx

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