Pete, through the looking glass

I thought it would be nice to get Pete’s perspective on how he dealt with my Cancer diagnosis.

Bring tissues because you are going to bawl.

When you’re a kid and the six weeks summer holiday comes along, you have all these plans that you and your mates are gonna do, and before you realise it, it’s the weekend before you go back to school and you’ve done hardly any of the great things you had wished.

Well six weeks in the eyes of a husband watching his wife go through daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment does not pass as fast, in fact 6 minutes seems like forever. Watching the person you love more than anything in the world go through an endless amount of tests, treatments and consultations, whilst most days you have to watch her leave through front door, and go off to the hospital alone and not hold her hand or give her a reassuring smile telling her how amazing she is and how well she is something I will hold with me forever.

One week in November, in fact the first week of November will always send a very cold shiver down my spine it was a sequence of days and events that when I think back on it, will probably go a long ways to shaping my future personality and outlook on life in years to come, for this would be the week when cancer after many years of trying, took away my hero, my Dad. It was also the week when Frannie was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Cancer – a group of cells that mutates and destroys healthy cells. this could also be said for the impact it can have on families who have cancer in there lives.

Because of cancer, I spent the last hour of my fathers life staring at a heart monitor. Waiting, hoping for it to flatline, so that my Dad didn’t have to suffer anymore, an hour which I spent whispering in his ear “You can go now fella, you can rest now, your job is done”, all the time hoping that he would sit up give me a slap and tell me to stop being a big girls blouse. But no slap or name calling came just the one long shrill noise thats lives on in my head, no matter how hard I try to lose it.
Because of cancer my wife has had to endure many painful, awkward and no doubt tiring and stressful moments fighting her battle.
But, also because of cancer she has found an inner strength and believe that she didn’t know she had.
Plus I have found my new hero,

Because of cancer my Frannie has got her own little fan club or army as she calls it, a group of people who’s support and love have been a major factor in her strength during her treatment.

She’s also managed to drop a dress size something she has wanted to do for a while but struggled to.

Because of cancer, I have spent a lot of time doing the one thing I never do. I have been pleading with God to take away her cancer and give it to me, not that I think I could cope any better than Frannie, she is stronger than I could ever be. It’s purely because she doesn’t deserve this. Nasty things should not happen to nice people.

So in short…..Cancer you may have taken my Dad and made me knacker my knees from excessive kneeling (begging) but you have also given my Frannie an inner strength and belief that is eventually going to kick your ass, plus a thinner superhero wife who me and James can enjoy for many years to come.


3 thoughts on “Pete, through the looking glass

  1. coodababy says:

    Very lovely, and well written. My only complaint, you said cancer shouldn’t happen to good people but that you should have it? From where I am standing Pete, you are not a bad person. You are a bloody brilliant one. You are Frannie are awesome, no scrap that fucking amazing. And if you have to go through a nasty horrid thing like cancer, then you need to have your rock. The one that can see the bad and the good times. Much love. xx

  2. Nicola Bishop says:

    What a lovely post by Pete. You guys are such a beautiful family, in every way. Truly amazing people that have taught us ungrateful brats a lesson in life. To live it. Enjoy it. So thanks for that. I love all 3 of ye (especially jazzy j)xxx

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