Dream a little dream…

I’ve been toying writing this blog because I am worried it is going to make me sounds like a complete lunatic.

But fuck it, because if I don’t get this out into the universe then how earth can I act on it.

Eight months ago I had a dream. It was one of those vivid dreams that felt like it was real, so real that you felt everything that was in it.

There was nothing significant about the dream, but it had a beginning and a middle but no end.

It featured people who I didn’t know, but they seemed familiar to me. It was as though I was watching a scene from my favourite film or viewing a chapter from my favourite book.

I woke up the next morning and went to work and wrote down everything that was in the dream.
Then I wrote a bit more.
And a bit more. Then I re-wrote it.

I now have a start to a story. Yea, I guess you could say I am writing a story.

Even Pete doesn’t know I have been doing this…I’m so nervous about putting myself out there.

I love, LOVE writing. I really want to go somewhere with this. I love writing on my blog. Writing about my Cancer and the whole experience has given me a new confidence and attitude to show people what I can do. I think this could really be the start of my second chance

I think I have to experiment more with my blog before putting my fiction out there for the world to criticise. I’ve asked people to ask me questions this week, mainly as a test to see if people actually want to read my writing and not just because I have Cancer. It’s been a really positive response.

I’ve been talking to people this week about setting up my little blog more professionally and I am even considering attending Cybher to educate myself more…If I can find the money for the ticket that is.

But there you go…am I mad to act on something I dreamt.

Could I really go somewhere with this?



9 thoughts on “Dream a little dream…

  1. I say, dream your dream and don’t let any one stop you. it’s your dream. YOURS.

    I have been writing for a long time, did get paid for it at one point in time. but my book has been put on the back burner for a while mostly as I just don’t get the time. One day my dream will be dreamt.

    So go forth, conquer and don’t let anyone disrupt your dreams, well other than that gorgeous boy of yours 🙂 xx

  2. Kylie says:

    I think you are a fantastic writer. I love reading and am always captured by your stuff, I think you have a great talent and could really go somewhere with it! X

  3. Angela says:

    YES YES YES do it!!!! Your writing is fantastic! Take your dream and live it, run with it girlie. If you don’t you will never know…..

  4. Claire Chester says:

    Hey Fran..

    Do it! I’ve read your entire blog front to back and always look forward to your next upload. I think your an amazing writer, so go for it! Make that dream a reality. Xx

  5. Fran, you’re a fantastic writer, so all I’ll say to you is this:

    He who stays in the valley will never see over the hill.

    You only have one life, so make every effort to do everything you ever dreamed off.

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