4 (5) Week Check

Today I had my 4 (5) week check.
The lovely Dr Powell was her ever amazing self.

Dr P: The last time I saw you, you was crying.
Fran: Those were tears of relief!
Dr P: Well, you look really well, how you feeling?
F: I’m feeling pretty good actually.

And I do feel pretty good. If I actually think about it, I already feel better than I did before I was diagnosed. Amazing.

Dr P has given me the go ahead to start swimming, dye my hair, travel…if I needed to and assured me that any other niggles I had will eventually disapate.

Now the bit you all want to know about… Fuckwit.

I’ve already got some adhesions which Dr P broke down but I really need to start work on the dilating. Dagnabit.

From the last time she came face to face with Fuckwit during brachytherapy she told me it has shrunk further. I’m still sore internally from radiotherapy and will be for another couple of weeks.

She walked out of the examination room and told Pete ‘Yep, it’s all going in the right direction’

And that’s good enough for me.

MRI in 8 weeks and back for 3 month check at the beginning of May.

And breathe….


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