I am perusing the vitamin aisle in Boots, picking up tablets that Pete will never take, when I come across the menopause supplements and ask for some advice.

Fran: Hello, can you tell me, I’m taking the Menopace tabs, is there much difference in those against the Boots ones because they are much cheaper?
Helpful Girl: Oh Erm, is this for your Mum?
F: No, I’m taking them. Menopace are very expensive though.
HG: Well you’ll need to seek medical advice first, you might just have PMT. *Laughs*
F: Er, well yea my doc says it’s early menopause so I’m trying to get any help I can to beat these flushes *as if right on cue a flush happens leaving head and neck crimson*
HG: *stares*
F: Look, I have cancer, it’s given me early menopause so I just want to know if the Boots brand is the same.
HG: *shocked face* Oh. OH. I’m, I’m so sorry.
F: It’s alright, but now can you let me know which is better? *waves boxes*
HG: Erm, oh I don’t know. Erm, shall I get the pharmacist. Hang on. I’m so sorry.
F: It’s ok, I’ll stick with Menopace for now.

I left feeling so guilty. That poor girl probably thought I was a bit dim wanting Menopause assisting tablets, but instead I shocked her because I am actually too young to be going through this shit.

Don’t worry, Boots Lady, It’s something that I can’t get my head around either.

Now I wonder if I said Menopace enough times to get some free…


3 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. I have been there too. An early menopause due to cancer treatment and people make terrible assumptions. Do not feel guilty for such bad customer service. If anything she should feel terrible,

  2. coodababy says:

    You know I still stand by my offer Miss Frannie. Don’t ever forget that.

    Reading your post today reminded me of how people that knew my mum was ill asked me how she was. “She’s dead” I replied cue a shocked font know where to look face. I felt terrible for them as knew they would feel awful. But how do you butter it up. You can’t butter up cancer. And you can’t make death sound less gut punching.

    You are wonderful. And I love you muchly xx

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