Dear James,

Two pudgy hands.
Two ‘Foots burgers’.
Two chocolate button eyes.
Two loving parents, in utter awe of you.
One big fat heart full of love for everything in your little world. Especially choc biskit.

We are Superheroes

We are Superheroes

Today at this very minute (2.16am) you turn 2 years old.
What a topsy-turvy year it’s been (that’s an under statement, I fear)
You have flourished from a tumbling baby, just finding his feet to a running escape artist of a toddler.

You are into everything, you want to try everything. You jump off the side of the swimming pool with no fear; you try all foods and let us know what ones you like; you sing and dance your way into people’s hearts.

But the one thing that’s really excelled is your chatter. You still DO NOT STOP TALKING! But now you actually engage with us and are saying little sentences.
You are the ‘Pease’ and ‘Fankoo’ boy and make sure you say it if you really want something. I couldn’t be more proud of that.
You tell me to be ‘Be saff, Mummy’ when I go to work and you tell me all the people who you’ve seen in the day when we chat at bedtime. You always say ‘Antnee’ even when you don’t see him. You love your Uncle so.

Talking of love, you love so tenderly yet you can physically see how much something means to you. You do a little grimace with your mouth, its like you can’t quite get out how much you love it. Never lose this passion.



You currently love:
Toy Story
Boody (Woody)
One Ection (One Direction)
Uncle Olly (Olly Murs)
Blast Off’s (rockets)
Johnny Burgess (BFF)
Minnie Dog (BFF)
Biskits (especially choc choc ones)

James and Johhny BFF

James and Johhny BFF

You are some sort of technology wizz as well. You can operate our phones which I fear will only come from being a child of the digital age. You can put the phone on, locate YouTube and put on Olly Murs quicker than anyone above 2 years old.

Ditto the DVD player.
Ditto the Sky planner.
Ditto Nanny’s washing machine.

I feel your hair should get a special mention, for it’s taken a life of its own this year. Starting off as wisps to full on crazy frizz, with a side of ringlets. It just suits your maniacal style.

But it’s not all praise my gorgeous boy. You obviously realised that tantruming is not exclusive to 2 year olds, and you’ve been perfecting that silent cry and subsequent paddy when I won’t let you jump off the sofa onto Daddy or let you run in the road.
I am obviously a terrible mother aren’t I!

James, you’ve brought so much to so many people. I’ve had people tell me how much they love you and what joy you bring to then, and some of these people, we’ve never even met.

Your pet Ladybird.

Your pet Ladybird.

A little while ago you told me you was ‘appy, Mummy’.
Please know you make us ‘appy’ everyday.

Stay ‘appy my beautiful boy.

Happy Birthday, James.

Keep growing strong.
All my love,
Mama xxx


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