National Apple Day

No, not really.

This is an one of those really annoying ‘In-jokes’ between lovey dovey couples. This is our in-joke, one that no one will get and we won’t explain either. And yes, we are still that lovey dovey couple too.

This in-joke has been going on for 9 years.

My lovely man has been my absolute rock for 108 months and for some reason is still willing to do so.

He makes me smile with his ridiculously bad jokes.

He makes me annoyed when he leaves his shoes in the exact place in where I will trip over them.

He makes my heart burst when I catch him and James reading together.

He keeps me in check when I feel like everything is on top of me.

I tell him I love him at least 20 times a day, but it doesn’t seem enough.

I love how he loves us both. We are his world.

I’ve been a right old pain lately, and he’s just put up with it.

In fact he puts up with a lot, but always put a smile on and gets on with it.

He makes me want to keep this in-joke going forever and ever.

My Darling Pete, 

Thank you for living up to your name meaning, and being my rock through possibly the worst time in our relationship. 

Good times are coming, I can feel it. 

Happy Anniversary!

I love you with everything within me,

Forever yours, 

Frannie x


You hate us, don't you?

You hate us, don’t you?



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