Wonder Women – Part Two

So that wonderful Victoria Marks only went and ran her 10k in 57 frigging minutes!! How amazing is that!? If you would still like to donate to her cause, please do so here…http://www.justgiving.com/fighttheFW Victoria is up to £192, lets get her up to £200!

Now, Wonder Women – Part two.

The group of ladies who will be running there Race for Life for me tomorrow in Regents Park, are amazing. Two of them work with my big (little) Sister and have been such a support for each other over the years, it felt natural to them to want to do something for her little (big) Sister when Cancer came a calling.

As one of the runner’s Julie so nicely put it, You’re friend’s with Giu, then you’re friends with her whole family. Bout right too.

Tomorrow 4 women will take part in Race for Life, and as there motto goes, they are definitely sticking two fingers up to Cancer:



Julie – Avid motorcycle rider when younger.  Arsenal fan. Loves Johnny Depp.



Sharon – Always been into sport and has dabbled in many including boxing!  Budding cake decorator. Spurs supporter – Please don’t let this fact stop you from donating.



Kiera – Brilliant trainee hairdresser and lover of angry birds!


Katie -Member of successful girls football team that won the league this season. Go on the Girl! Spurs supporter – I repeat – do not let this stop you donating!
They already said they will walk round the course, but they could do pigeon steps all the way round, at least they are getting there butt out there!
I just know they will have me in tears of laughter and tears of overwhelming love.
So please, yet again, dig a little deep and donate a couple of pounds.

Wonder Women – Part One

When I was diagnosed with Cancer, I had an overwhelming response from people who felt they needed to do something.

Some people felt compelled to write to me. Lots of people sent me gifts and flowers. People sat with me in the middle of the night, tweeting me through my tears.

Three groups of women have gone a step further though, and are raising money for different cancer charities, all in my name.

This, this is just something that every time I think about it, makes me want to cry.

These lovely ladies are taking time out of there lives to raise money for causes that have already benefitted me greatly.

In the next coming weeks, I will be writing about these ladies. I will tell you a bit about them and, without shame, be begging you to donate to the cause. Even if it is one little pound.

These are my Wonder Women.

First up is the very wonderful Victoria Marks.

Victoria and her beautiful daughter, Ophelia

Victoria and her beautiful daughter, Ophelia

I’ve know Victoria for nearly 3 years. I say ‘known’ her, we’ve spoken on nearly a daily basis for 3 years but I’ve never actually met her.

We met via Twitter when we were both about 4/5 months pregnant with our first babies. We chatted all about the tribulations of being up the duff, both suffering with SPD and worrying about going back to work before we’d even gone on maternity leave.

Our babies were due within a few days of each other. However, Ophelia was born 5 weeks early. I remember sitting at home, while she was sat with her tiny bundle in hospital wishing this would all be OK. I vividly remember her tweet telling all us impatient Mummies to not wish our pregnancies away.

But Ophelia was a fighter, and she grew stronger each day. And now she is a bouncing 2 year old, who I just know James will fall in love with when he meets her at the finish line.

Victoria is such a wonderful person and I know you are all wondering how is that possible when I haven’t even met her, but you’d be surprised how much you find out about someone in those sleepless nights, tweeting away.

She so desperately wanted to do something to help so she decided to take up running again, and train to do the BUPA 10K in St James’s Park.

She also chose this race so that she could meet me…I just know i’ll be in tears when I greet her at the finish line. I probably will barge pass her hubby.

Victoria is running for Jo’s Trust, the Cervical Cancer and Cervical abnormalities charity.

I personally have benefitted greatly from this charity and they have given such support to me.

They do amazing awareness campaigns, but as we all know, a lot more could be done.

And as we also know, these things cost money.

So, please, please dig deep and donate to Victoria’s Just Giving page.


Keep a look out for my next Wonder Women feature in a few days.



I’ve been working at the firm I am currently in for the last 12 months and two weeks ago I was asked to join another team in my department as
1. My role was ceasing
2. I had really proved myself in these last 12 months and thought I could handle this new job.

Woo hoo!

All very good but it’s still a temp role which is financially crippling but the hours are good and at the end of the day, it’s paying (just) my bills and keeps Jim Jam in biscuits.
I get reviews every 3 months but essentially the job is for a year.

After my wonderful prognosis last week, I was both euphoric and daunted at the same time.

The feeling of euphoria is fast fading.

My life is now basically on a temp contract. I get reviewed every 3 months, but I’m hoping that the contract gets extended to more than a year.

I want to so badly just let myself revel in this joy. I still don’t quite believe the outcome.

I used to be such a dreamer; an eternal optimist. I would see the good In all situations. Even when I was diagnosed with Cancer, I took it as an opportunity to try out a new hair style.

But along with taking my ability to have children, it seems as though cancer has taken some of my spirit too.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully let myself celebrate until perhaps at the magic 5 year mark.

So, I have a new temp job and a new temp life.
Lets hope both bosses like me.

Purple Power

Today I asked for some help.
I asked my army to step up and to give me good vibes, prayers and thoughts.

I then went one step further and asked you all to wear something purple. In my head, seeing all those pictures of people wearing purple just for me, spurred me on.

I sat in a tiny office today and Dr Powell’s Registrar, lets call him Dr Awesomesauce, told me (3 times no less) that the scan showed ‘no cancer activity’. Fuckwit wasn’t seen. It’s disappeared.

They couldn’t confirm that a white flag been left.

The nitty gritty of it all is, and I quote, ‘it’s responded excellently to treatment and no activity is shown on the scan, but we will closely monitor you every 3 months’.
I’ve not stopped crying. Every call I’ve made, every text I sent since finding out I’ve just balled my eyes out.

I think we’re still in shock. I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I keep expecting to wake up.

I walked out into that corridor and I screamed like mad. It just had to get out.

I can’t even begin to thank you all. I don’t know where to start. I looked at my phone today and all I saw was a sea of purple.
You will never know how much I feel loved and supported by every single one of you.
I love you all and thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support.

Now you can have some home leave soldiers, I’ll expect you back here in 3 months for some more purple power.

I am always looking for more recruits…if you don’t sign up, I’m setting this little one on to you…


6 Months

Exactly 6 months to the day, I was given the worst possible news I ever thought I’d hear.
It turned out to be the start of a such a life changing and heart hurting weekend.

Today, 6 months since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, I will be having my 3-months post treatment check.
At the weekend we have a family wedding which is something which we are all looking forward to.
I am so desperate to make this weekend a billion times better than that weekend 6 months ago.

Help me out here.
Think of me, of us.
If you have faith in your God, pray for me.
If you have a lucky charm (although not the cereal) give it a nod/wink/rub for me.
Wishing works too.

I love you all for sticking by me these past few months.

Give it all you’ve got now, Army!