6 Months

Exactly 6 months to the day, I was given the worst possible news I ever thought I’d hear.
It turned out to be the start of a such a life changing and heart hurting weekend.

Today, 6 months since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, I will be having my 3-months post treatment check.
At the weekend we have a family wedding which is something which we are all looking forward to.
I am so desperate to make this weekend a billion times better than that weekend 6 months ago.

Help me out here.
Think of me, of us.
If you have faith in your God, pray for me.
If you have a lucky charm (although not the cereal) give it a nod/wink/rub for me.
Wishing works too.

I love you all for sticking by me these past few months.

Give it all you’ve got now, Army!


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