Wonder Women – Part One

When I was diagnosed with Cancer, I had an overwhelming response from people who felt they needed to do something.

Some people felt compelled to write to me. Lots of people sent me gifts and flowers. People sat with me in the middle of the night, tweeting me through my tears.

Three groups of women have gone a step further though, and are raising money for different cancer charities, all in my name.

This, this is just something that every time I think about it, makes me want to cry.

These lovely ladies are taking time out of there lives to raise money for causes that have already benefitted me greatly.

In the next coming weeks, I will be writing about these ladies. I will tell you a bit about them and, without shame, be begging you to donate to the cause. Even if it is one little pound.

These are my Wonder Women.

First up is the very wonderful Victoria Marks.

Victoria and her beautiful daughter, Ophelia

Victoria and her beautiful daughter, Ophelia

I’ve know Victoria for nearly 3 years. I say ‘known’ her, we’ve spoken on nearly a daily basis for 3 years but I’ve never actually met her.

We met via Twitter when we were both about 4/5 months pregnant with our first babies. We chatted all about the tribulations of being up the duff, both suffering with SPD and worrying about going back to work before we’d even gone on maternity leave.

Our babies were due within a few days of each other. However, Ophelia was born 5 weeks early. I remember sitting at home, while she was sat with her tiny bundle in hospital wishing this would all be OK. I vividly remember her tweet telling all us impatient Mummies to not wish our pregnancies away.

But Ophelia was a fighter, and she grew stronger each day. And now she is a bouncing 2 year old, who I just know James will fall in love with when he meets her at the finish line.

Victoria is such a wonderful person and I know you are all wondering how is that possible when I haven’t even met her, but you’d be surprised how much you find out about someone in those sleepless nights, tweeting away.

She so desperately wanted to do something to help so she decided to take up running again, and train to do the BUPA 10K in St James’s Park.

She also chose this race so that she could meet me…I just know i’ll be in tears when I greet her at the finish line. I probably will barge pass her hubby.

Victoria is running for Jo’s Trust, the Cervical Cancer and Cervical abnormalities charity.

I personally have benefitted greatly from this charity and they have given such support to me.

They do amazing awareness campaigns, but as we all know, a lot more could be done.

And as we also know, these things cost money.

So, please, please dig deep and donate to Victoria’s Just Giving page.


Keep a look out for my next Wonder Women feature in a few days.



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