Wonder Women – Part Two

So that wonderful Victoria Marks only went and ran her 10k in 57 frigging minutes!! How amazing is that!? If you would still like to donate to her cause, please do so here…http://www.justgiving.com/fighttheFW Victoria is up to £192, lets get her up to £200!

Now, Wonder Women – Part two.

The group of ladies who will be running there Race for Life for me tomorrow in Regents Park, are amazing. Two of them work with my big (little) Sister and have been such a support for each other over the years, it felt natural to them to want to do something for her little (big) Sister when Cancer came a calling.

As one of the runner’s Julie so nicely put it, You’re friend’s with Giu, then you’re friends with her whole family. Bout right too.

Tomorrow 4 women will take part in Race for Life, and as there motto goes, they are definitely sticking two fingers up to Cancer:



Julie – Avid motorcycle rider when younger.  Arsenal fan. Loves Johnny Depp.



Sharon – Always been into sport and has dabbled in many including boxing!  Budding cake decorator. Spurs supporter – Please don’t let this fact stop you from donating.



Kiera – Brilliant trainee hairdresser and lover of angry birds!


Katie -Member of successful girls football team that won the league this season. Go on the Girl! Spurs supporter – I repeat – do not let this stop you donating!
They already said they will walk round the course, but they could do pigeon steps all the way round, at least they are getting there butt out there!
I just know they will have me in tears of laughter and tears of overwhelming love.
So please, yet again, dig a little deep and donate a couple of pounds.

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