Wonder Women – Part 3

It seems like ages ago since I last did a Wonder Woma(e)n post and I am delighted to be back writing about some wonderful women.

Tomorrow sees the last of Race for life’s being done in my name and we’re going off on a high with 3 fabulous Mummy’s donning on there numbers and giving the 5k a go.

First up is Charlotte, or more likely known as @charlieSav83…

Nice glasses Charlie!

Nice glasses Charlie!

Mummy to the gorgeous Harry, owner of new Heston Blumenthal glasses (although apparently this hasn’t made her a better cook). As well as being an awesome Mummy and juggling two jobs, Charlotte is also in the throes of setting up her new party favour business…wonder woman indeed.

Laura and Roo - loves them very much.

Laura and Roo – loves them very much.

Laura is proud to tell me she can make the best stickiest pavlova ever and still knows all the words and moves Whigfield’s Saturday Night (I do too!), and more amazingly, she takes anything that Chrohns disease throws at her.
She’s amazing Mummy to ickle Ruby, and is a dab hand at the sewing machine making my legendary Fuckwit pillow which took me through my treatment.

Heather and Jefferson at the Wedding of the year.

Heather and Jefferson at the Wedding of the year.

Now, our Heather is a keen actress and spent one amazing Summer as a fairy in A Midsummer nights dream, playing to audiences of 600 people. To add to her talents she planned her whole wedding in just 12 weeks, whilst she was pregnant, making it the perfect day she dreamed about.
She is a fantastic Mummy to Jefferson (how cool is his name) and is the maker of what i’ve heard to be the best Snickers muffins in the world.

Now, they have already exceeded there target by 40%, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute! As with all the Wonder Women, they are raising money for Cancer Research, a charity which has does such amazing work and discovered the drug that helped me greatly, Cisplatin. A Platinum chemo which aids destruction of cancer cells and works amazingly well in Cervical and Testicular cancers.

So please, help them continue there quest to eradicate Cancer by making a donation to the below Just Giving page.


I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to give you an update on the final total raised by these fantastic Wonder Women.

Thank you for your continued support x


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