The Trip

My lovely Hubby, Petrov, Petie, Pete is back today to give us a little insight into the trip he takes every so often….Take it away Boyo x

The Trip

The premise of this blog is this,
One day trip. Me a 41 yr old man; James a 27 month old boy, one very full rucksack, my Mum, Sister, Dad, and, most importantly, London transport in its many forms.

The journey is a return trip of 61.2 miles to my Mums, a journey which I have done hundreds of times by myself, many times I have taken James, but with the important help of my lovely wife and also majorly his buggy. Never has this trip been attempted alone or without the aforementioned buggy. I know what you’re thinking, its suicide man! Are you mad?! And I would normally agree especially as you have to take into account the fact that this journey has 4 bus rides, 4 tube trips and also 4 train slogs, not to mention the many stairs, escalators and other passengers that have to be taken into account.

The day begins with me picking out suitable attire for myself and James, plus the important task of packing the bag. Now, any parent will agree that this is not something you can do without prior planning, you cannot just throw anything in there, it has to be packed with any possible catastrophe or disaster that could happen in mind. From a simple nappy change all the way up to the tantrum of all tantrums because some kid just got on the train with a bigger car than your kid has. So bag packed, next task, the journey. Check running times and any delays to calculate the most efficient and stress free journey possible.

Eager little passenger

Eager little passenger

I realise I have just rambled on about how this trip had the potential to be extremely stressful, and problematic, so what I say next will make it seem all pointless. I am sitting on the sofa now looking back on today, and can openly admit, I may have overreacted the journey to and from Mums as it was neither stressful or problematic. It was a joy to spend that time with the little man in my life.
He greeted every new person that sat next to us with a massive cheesy grin and a hearty “Heyyo” (he pronounces his L’s as Y’s). He also ended every train, tube or bus journey with a boisterous “Thank you driver”. And on the journey home, he fell asleep whilst he was munching on some raisins. A sure sign he had enjoyed his day.

Even too tired for raisins.

Even too tired for raisins.

This day out was not only a chance to catch up with my Mum and Sister but a chance to take James over the cemetery to see his Grandad, my Dad, who had passed away last November. We had not had the opportunity to take James over there before, so I had a feeling it was gonna be an emotional moment, but what was to follow I could never have imagined and will stay with me for a long time.
We took James over to where Dad’s ashes were buried and mum squatted down and said to James that this is where Grandad is and started to rub the grass. James instinctively knelt down started to rub the grass as well than said “Hello Grandad, miss you”. I’m glad Nanny Abra (James’ version of Barbara) never heard the “miss you” part as I’m pretty sure it would have tipped me over the edge. I already had the biggest lump in my throat.
After a few minutes we started to walk back, at which point James looked over his shoulder and said “Bye bye Grandad”.

I can honestly say I have never been so amazed or proud of anyone in my life as them few minutes with my Son.

Considering my Son was only 18 months old when his Grandad passed away. It appears my Dad left a marked impression on his young Grandson. When I was looking through the pictures of yesterday, I came across a picture of James playing with his Nanny Abra, and he is standing in the same way that my Dad used to stand. No one else in the family stands like it. I even showed it to my sister and she totally agreed.
If my James does have someone looking over him, keeping him safe and guiding him through life, i’m chuffed to think that it is his Grandad. I know they would have made an amazing team.

Standing like Grandad

Standing like Grandad

My final thought after this quite amazing day is this…………
No matter how bad you think something is or could even become, look to your children and have faith that they will make everything OK.


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