One Week

One week until I request a sea of purple.

One week until I have a half day.

One week until I make that journey. The same journey I could do blindfold.

One week until I smell that smell, that makes me heave and comforts all at once.

One week until I sit in those high back chairs.

One week until I am weighed and wince at the scales.

One week until I make uncomfortable jokes with Pete, whilst we while the time go passed 2.30pm.

One week until I see them. My wonder team.

One week until my 6-month check.

One week until I can breath again.

One week.


4 thoughts on “One Week

  1. @helenw71 says:

    Big hugs lovely. I’ve no doubt your body has still battled Fuckwit into submission, but this must be the most nerve-wracking week EVER.
    Lots of love from us & lots of luck, Hxx

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