Obviously the Mum dancing video should have given you some indication into how yesterday went, but in case you couldn’t tell…


*Attempts cartwheel* *Realises she’s 29* *Falls into heap*

Dr. W (still not seen Dr. P) done a thorough examination and confirmed that everything looked and felt (!) good.
They are happy with my progress.
My Research nurse (I’m on the DEPICT study) who is not my usual nurse, thought I was doing amazing. She was particularly impressed by my dilation methods*. Ahem.

Anyway, I don’t need to have another scan until my one year check in Jan and I just have bloods at my 9 month check in November.


I was so incredibly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love yesterday.
Texts and tweets, a torrent of purple pictures…at my last count, there was over 200 pictures I had to go through for #FransPurpleArmy & #PurpleArmyAssemble.
So much was the wave of love and support, I had to recharge my phone no less than 5 times yesterday. I even had to turn my phone off just so it was given a chance to recharge. Poor Little Mac was not expecting to be used so much.
And I’ve still not thanked everyone yet!

So onwards and upwards as the Research nurse said.

But I’m still fucked off with the Universe.

Until next time Soldiers. I love ya.

*Bow chicka wow wow. 3x weekly. Boom.


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