Wonder Man

I have been in complete awe this year at the simple selflessness of some wonderful people in my life.

We’ve had Wonder Women running, walking and laughing there way through 10k and 5k races.

Lots of support and money has been donated and I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.

I now ask you, one more time to raise a dig deep, even a pound or two for my very own Wonder Man.


Jack is my nephew, and i’ve written about him before and even though he’s running off and growing up and getting engaged and being amazing at University, I know I can send him a picture of a cat pouting and he will totally laugh like he was 10 years old again.

Tomorrow night Jack is going to take part in the Shine Walk for Cancer Research and undertake a 13.5 mile midnight walk around the streets of London.

Now, anyone who knows Jack knows just how hard this walk will be, for Jack is a skinny little thing with legs the same length of his (very) short Mother (even though he is over 6ft tall) and Jack will never walk very far if he doesn’t have to. He learnt to drive in quick time just so it could stop him having to walk more than a mile.

Just knowing that he is doing this in my honour, is something very humbling for me. He’s wanted to do something to help (he’s helped far more than he will ever know) for a long time now and this is just such a fantastic way to support a cause, very close to my heart. In fact in Jack’s words, this walk is a thank you and rejoicing my victory against cancer by supporting the charity that helped me fight it.

Jack might have struggled with training, but his spirit has never waned. I know the bit he is looking forward to the most is wearing day-glo colours. He does has a slightly effeminate side. Ahem.

So please, donate a couple of your lovely pounds to my lovely Jack. I am so proud of him I could cry. In fact, tomorrow, I probably will.


Donating has got all the more easier too, with text pay! Just text JBSW66 to 70070 and you can donate £2, £5 or £10. Example: JBSW66 £5

Or you can donate via his Just giving page – c’mon, give the boy a hand, he’s only got £30 so far!


Thank you again for all your love and support and wearing purple and being wonderful.


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