The saying is that good things to those who wait.

It looks like my wait might be finally coming to an end.

All this waiting hopefully means that there will be stability in our lives, for a short while at least.

It might mean we actually have the ability to take James on his 1st holiday next year.
It might mean we can actually put some roots down for our little family.

My patience with universe was wearing thing. My tolerance for bullshit waning.
I work very hard and fuck me, I think I’ve paid my dues.

I’ve got to be patient for a little while longer and the reward will come.

You’ve probably guessed what this is in reference to. But I have to be shrouded for a bit longer.

I found that little pebble for a reason the other day. It gave me hope just when I really didn’t think there was any left.

This time last year I was squaring up for a fight and now it’s all change.

I hope this is the perfect book end to a truly awful year.

I need this.
I’ve worked hard for this.
I deserve this.

I will get it. Patience, come at me now.


3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. coodababy says:

    I love it when patiences pays off, especially to those I love dearly. 😀

    I on the other hand am still being patient. And it’s wearing thin.

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