‘I likes you’

Dear James,

You are 2.5 years old. That’s like well old in baby terms. Practically a young man. Crikey. Please stop growing up so fast.

You are a big ball of fun. James, since you knew you could use your mouth to talk, you’ve not stopped using it. As soon as you wake in the morning, you knock on your door to let us know that ‘Yames Crimb’ is up for the day. And you don’t stop until you tell me all about your day when we snuggle for the night.
‘Have nice day Mummeh?’

You’ve come on in leaps and bounds I’m your language. Everyone comments on how polite you are. Never stop that my darling, it’ll stand you in good stead in the future. Trust me.

Your favourite phrase at the moment is ‘I likes you’ and it just warms my heart when you use it. Simply because you truly mean it when you say it.

James, your favourite things are to draw, watch ‘ootube’ and play football and cars. Hide and seek is your favourite game and you love going to the library with Daddy to get your books each week. A book worm in the making. Yay!

You’ve become so tactile and you love nothing more than to cuddle and kiss the people you love the most. You give handshakes to new people you meet and you save the cheek squeezes just for me. I do love them so.

You proclaim ‘oh it’s so cute, mum’ at the dogs we encounter on our walks and in fact you said the same of Baby Molly when we met her on Sunday.
You doted on her just like you were her big Brother. I’d love nothing more than to give you that joy permanently and it breaks my heart that I can’t make that so.

You’ll be a fantastic ‘big Brother’ to any of your friends siblings, I am sure.

James, you are a loving soul with an inquisitive mind. I can see your cogs whirring. You are a little sponge right now, with a memory that has me beat.

However, tantrums….they are in a league of there own. Wow. Just wow.
You threw a right paddy yesterday because I gave you your fork for dinner, the wrong way round.
You actually sobbed for 6 minutes.


But I dissipated it by doing the ‘Lalalala’ dance which is just a dance that you an I do.

You LOVE your music. You dance to ANYTHING! And you have strong opinions on my singing in the shower. I’ve never heard you beat down the door telling me to shut up, so I am sure Daddy is making it up.

James, I have my 9-month check tomorrow and I’m not afraid to say I’m scared. But you looked at me tonight and squeezed my cheeks and told me you ‘Likes me’. And that is what will get me through.

I likes you too my beautiful boy.
I am so so proud of you.

Keep growing strong,
All my love,
Mama x


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